LIVE – Germany-Japan: Germany lead at half-time thanks to Gundogan

The Germans seem to hide their mouths in the pre-match photo

A strong gesture from the Germans who kept their mouths shut before the match against Japan.

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In the photo, the hard gesture of the Germans covering their mouths before the match against Japan © AFP

Half time!

It’s half-time, Germany is ahead thanks to Gundogan’s goal (32′)! The Mannschaft believed they would have a break just before the break, but Haverts’ goal was eventually disallowed after being ruled offside.

Maeda’s head leaks the frame

Japan leaks once into the box. Maeda is found on the cross, but is passed out. It annoys Flick, who scolds his two defenders.

Havertz believes that he will break for Germany, the goal is canceled!

Germany are close to extending the gap before going back to the dressing room! In a school action, the Germans continue to pressure Japan. Gnabry serves to Haverts who pushes the ball into the net. “Chelsea” striker is finally offside.

The Minister of the Interior of Germany wears a “One Love” bandage on his arm

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is seen wearing a ‘One Love’ armband at the stadium hosting the Germany-Japan match. He reacted to the “terrible statements” of Qatar’s ambassador, especially for the World Cup. who called homosexuality “mental damage”.in the interview.

4 minutes extra time

There will be four more minutes in this first half.

Germany rose

Germany is also in the game at the front of the scoreboard. Technically, Mannschaft is on top and Japan is struggling to compete in attack.

Peaking for Kimmich

Germany hurts when it accelerates and unites. Musiala finds Müller, who in turn hands over Kimmich. The German midfielder takes another shot, but it flies over the Japanese cage.

Kubo hurts himself, but gets up

Launched on the left side, Kubo tries everything for everything with a big sprint. The Japanese are eventually offside, but complain after contact with Havertz. He gets up without forcing.

Japan is not discouraged

Germany opening this account does not completely bury Japan. Ito and his teammates try to sound the rebellion as much as they can.

Gundogan converts, Germany passes in front!

Penalty confirmed! Gundogan is responsible for its successful conversion. Germany is the leader! 1-0.

Rauma foul, penalty for Germany!

Special for Kimmich. In a wonderful pass, the midfielder of “Bayern” finds Raum, who was cut by the Japanese goalkeeper Gonda! The referee does not move and whistles the penalty!

Another opportunity for Gundogan!

The second is busy on the German side. On his side, Raum passes, but Gonda returns. The ball hits the leg of Gundoğan, who tries to continue. The Japanese keep the furniture in their line!

Gundogan forgets Raum…

On the edge of the area, Gundogan drives straight into Gonda’s gloves. The “Manchester City” midfielder could also serve Rauma, who was left alone.

The Germans take control

Germany gains momentum in the final minutes. Japan is taking refuge in its last meters. Possession also favors the Mannschaft.

Check the potential penalty, continue the game

A potential hand in the Japanese region is checked by video arbitration. The referee pauses the game for a few seconds, then finally gives the signal to continue. No penalty for Germany.

Sakai and Itakura wander off

In a good center curled up on the surface, two Japanese defenders are in the same position to receive the ball. His partner answers Sakai’s head.

Gonda beats Kimmich!

Germany is accelerating. In a quick combination, the ball hits Kimmich’s leg. On the edge of the box, the Bayern midfielder takes a hard shot, but Gonda makes the save!

A somewhat boring atmosphere

For now, we cannot say that the “Khalifa” stadium is boiling. A sequence of silence in the nest of Doha. However, many Japanese supporters made the trip.

Rudiger for the first German opportunity

In the corner, Kimmich crosses towards Rudiger. The Real Madrid defender rises above everyone else and tries to knock down a header that goes just meters from the Japanese cages.

Small crutch for Sakai

On a long ball towards Raum, Sakai intervenes and puts his foot forward. For the former Marseille, he received a small blow to the ankle, but quickly got back to his feet. More fear than harm.

Extravagance among the Germans

Flick’s team tries to move the Japanese block up and down in place. For now, the lock is hard to break, and small technical errors can pay off against an effective team on the counter.

Japan responds with intensity

A great start to the match for the Japanese, as was this first big warning in the German cages. The Japanese entered the game well.

Japan believes that it will open the account, reported offside!

The Germans lose the ball early in the match. Japan uses technical errors quite well. On the side, Ito launches and passes to Maeda, who intercepts the trajectory. The Japanese striker thinks he has opened the scoring but is flagged for offside! Big fear for Neuer and his teammates.

Faster than Rudiger Maeda

The Japanese seek revenge with a deep search for Maeda. In the race, the striker also faces the very fast Rudiger.

Germany attacks

The Germans settle in the Japanese half of the square. With Musiala and Gnabry on the flanks, danger can come from anywhere.

Noyer sets the pace

The first phase of the German occupation. Neuer touches his first ball out of his cage as the eleventh pitcher.

Let’s go !

The start is given by the Germans, let’s go Germany-Japan!

Hymn hour

22 actors entered the lawn. At 2:00 p.m., a place for national anthems before the start of the meeting.

Japan should come to terms with the World Cup

Japan have won just one of their last eight FIFA World Cup matches (D3 L4). It was in the opening match against Colombia in 2018 (2-1).

There is no real 9 for Germany

One of the keys to the match is undoubtedly Germany’s attacking configuration. With Kai Havertz at the fore, the Mannschaft will be hoping to find an error.

Bench solutions are also available. Due to the flu, Fullkrug is on the bench.

Musiala’s debut in the world championship

Jamal Musiala, the author of a brilliant start to the season with “Bayern” (12 goals and 11 assists in all competitions), will have a great debut at the World Cup. The focus is on the young Bavarian attack leader this afternoon.

Hans-Dieter Flick with Jamal Musiala in September 2022
Hans-Dieter Flick with Jamal Musiala in September 2022 © Icon Sport

Germans in rainbow colors

Before taking to the pitch to warm up, the German players had rainbow-colored tracksuits on their sleeves.

The composition of Japan also falls, the owner of Kubo

We know the starting 11 of Japan. Hajime Moriyasu trusts his key people. Rémois Junya is the owner, not Ito Minamino.

Composition of Japan: Gonda – Sakai, Itakura, Yoshida, Nagatomo – Endo, Kamada, – Ito, Tanaka, Kubo – Maeda.

Manuel Neuer should wear the “one love” bandage

Germany is the first. Manuel Neuer should wear the ‘one love’ armband despite being banned by FIFA, fined and threatened with a yellow card, according to several journalists, notably the Spaniard.

He would have thought that he would pay the fine from his own pocket and get a yellow card.

The composition of Germany is known

Goretzka and Sane are substitutes, as is youngster Moukoko

Neuer – Raum, Süle, Rüdiger, Schlotterbeck – Kimmich, Gundogan – Gnabri, Musiala, Havertz – Muller.

Hello and welcome to this live stream

Back with big ambitions, Germany’s first game since the fiasco of the 2018 edition of the competition (a money fight). Under the leadership of former Bayern coach Hansi Flick, the Mannschaft combines very promising youngsters (Musiala…) and veteran world champions in 2014 (Neuyer, Müller…). Up ahead is a Japanese team with a very German accent as 6 players play in the Bundesliga. It will kick off at 2pm on Bein Sports and will be followed live with commentary on RMC and the RMC Sport website and app. And of course 100% World Cup on digital radio launched by RMC for the occasion.

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