This Monday Amazon is causing chaos with crazy prices ?

In less than 10 years, Black Friday has become the focal point of the e-commerce calendar in France. In a recent survey conducted by Fevad, 70% of all French people would participate in this massive operation. The name that always comes up when talking about the topic is Amazon. Discover the offers for Monday below.

Amazon isn’t the only player in our selection above this Black Friday. Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or even Boulanger position themselves with holy discounts that will fool the French. Most of the offers have been online since Friday, and the shortages are becoming increasingly urgent.

Like last year’s edition, this Black Friday takes place over a long week. From November 18 to 28, a shopping festival awaits you. Amazon did not plan to change its prices between the start and end of the transaction. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible rather than waiting for the weekend. Stocks will be available until then.

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Amazon is in the starting blocks

The French don’t like 24-hour flash sales, so Black Friday takes place over 10 days. It even has the advantage of lasting more than two weekends, which are the best times to buy. He said that Black Week is an unusual event that never occurs during the year. The side sales are ridiculous. You have to be prepared because the quantities available in the warehouses are sometimes low.

It was the same for Amazon Black Friday last year. China still has many shortages due to production difficulties related to the pandemic. Amazon and its peers could not accumulate enough stock to cover all of France’s demand over such a long period of time. There were already shortages in all product categories on Saturday and Sunday.

Black Friday Amazon has taken every precaution upstream to avoid peak orders on Black Friday. As we said above, there will be no new offers for days. Therefore, there are the same discounts as on Monday, Friday or Saturday. You can take advantage of the opportunities now so that in a few days it is not too late.

Amazon goes further to deceive the most skeptical of this strategy. Black Friday offers you the best price guaranteed for these 10 days. If the product you bought during that time was at a lower price, Amazon will refund you the difference. Therefore, you will inevitably have the best price offered by the merchant during this period.

It is the only major e-commerce player to make such a promise. For France’s leading online retailer, this is a real step towards customers. It’s a gesture of transparency that you won’t see anywhere else. Most of the other players are revenue management enthusiasts with prices that fluctuate slightly over time. For Black Friday, Amazon wants to be more nimble than the competition.

Check out the deals on Amazon

What not to miss this Black Friday Monday?

The easiest way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to take a stroll through the main French e-commerce sites before you wait this Monday. For Black Friday, Amazon and Cdiscount are happy to offer tens of thousands of good deals. Of course, you should filter and select the categories that interest you the most on their sites. Otherwise, you’ll have to scroll through hundreds of pages.

Our current favorites include Apple computers, primarily available on Amazon. Black Friday showcases the latest laptops like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with built-in M1 and M2 chips. If you’re looking for a touchscreen tablet, there are 2021 iPads for less, or Microsoft’s Windows-powered Surface Pro 8.

As always, this Black Friday there are bestsellers in home appliances that have a strong presence: if Amazon doesn’t offer the Dyson range, you can find it directly on the brand’s official website. This is also the case at giant Cdiscount, which has the cheapest Dyson models with vacuum cleaners starting at under €300.

To keep up with the good deals, we always like what’s on offer on Bose products. It is a brand that is always very popular around Christmas. Whether it’s wireless headphones with active noise reduction or soundbars, it’s always a real hit. For Black Friday 2022, Amazon is best placed on this brand, an audio reference for the general public.

As every year, Amazon also dedicates a special place to all its brands. That’s why we find its security products like Blink or Ring, Kindle readers, HDMI dongles like Fire TV Stick or Echo speakers equipped with Alexa. All of these products are always popular with their customers and are systematically included in the Top 10 sales on the merchant site on Black Friday.

In addition to stock shortages, Black Friday also sees delivery times lengthen at an incredible rate. This is the case for certain referrals within the Amazon ecosystem that can be delivered within a few weeks. Whenever placing an order, it is mandatory to check the delivery date before placing the order. It would be a shame to prepare Christmas presents and deliver them after the holiday.

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Check out the deals on Amazon

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