Risks of carbon monoxide poisoning: ARS calls for vigilance in the Centre-Val de Loire region

Every year, it causes dozens of poisonings in the region, some of which result in death. Carbon monoxide is a very toxic asphyxiating gas. which takes the place of oxygen in the blood. It provokes headache, nausea, fatigue and, in the most serious cases, coma or even death.

Working devices burning energy emit more or less carbon monoxide, such as wood, coal, gas (natural, butane, propane), gasoline, fuel oil, or even ethanol.

This year, energy crisis announced the riskincrease the risk CO poisoning, especially as a result of the use of temporary heating devices.

There are simple gestures to prevent poisoning:

  • Do it before winter checked by a specialist supply your heating systems, chimneys and domestic hot water production systems with high quality. Annual maintenance win now is mandatory, regardless of the fuel used. Chimney cleaning is also included.
  • Be sure all year round to ensure good ventilation your place of residence. Do not block the air ducts intended for the ventilation of the living space and the operation of combustion devices, even in very cold weather.
  • Do not use especially no generator indoors, even open to the outside: it should only be used outdoors and at a sufficient distance from air intakes and openings (windows, doors, etc.) of living spaces.
  • Do not use it in such a way extended auxiliary heaters gas or oil. They reject combustion gases and humidity in the living space: their use should be occasional (2 hours) and reserved only for properly ventilated rooms.
  • Do not use never such as to heat devices not intended for this purpose stove, barbecue and grill.

8 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide in Amilli

If poisoning is suspected

it is recommended to doventilate the roomsto turn off combustion devices if possibleevacuate buildings and call for help By calling 15 (EMS), 18 (fire brigade) or 112 (fire brigade).

Figures in Centre-Val de Loire

in 2021 43 episodes was found to be drunk in the region 144 people (57 in Loire), two of them died.

Accidental household poisonings (at home) were taken into account 91% episodes of intoxication. Carbon monoxide poisoning also occurs at work. In 2021, two fatal poisonings occurred in Centre-Val de Loire, linked to a generator used in a van (Loir-et-Cher) and to the use of auxiliary heating in a home (Eure-et-Loir). more than 40% cases of poisoning at homethe pot remains in question. It is associated with the use of several poisonings each year barbecue or barbecue at residence. These devices should not be used for heating and must be used outdoors.

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