Loneliness, Internet history, a hammer in the bag … Samuel Paty “feared for his life” before he was killed

Our colleagues from Le Parisien have released elements related to the investigation into the murder of Professor Samuel Pati in 2020. They report that there is a man living in fear and fearing for his life.

14 people have been charged and face trial for serious crimes. Two years after the murder of Samuel Paty, since October 6 and related, the investigations have officially ended. ParisianThe National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office should issue its final charge in the near future.

Those charged include relatives of terrorist Abdullah Anzorov, college students who called Samuel Pati a hit man, and those responsible for the hate campaign against the teacher, namely the student’s parent and an Islamist militant in the S-file. For “failure to assist a person in danger” and “failure to prevent a crime” following a complaint by Samuel Pati’s family members. They believe that the professor was abandoned and exposed Parisian show how the person isolates himself.

“I received calls from all over the world”

According to the latest research, in the days before his murder, Samuel Paty was “lonely, scared, helpless”. His recent internet searches and unpublished statements bear this out. On October 6, 2020, a professor projected a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad taken from Charlie Hebdo as part of a lesson on freedom of expression. The college receives threats after a truant’s lie and relays by his father, as well as Islamist agitator Abdelhakim Sefrioui. “I received calls from all over the world, from Canada, Morocco, the United States and others who heard about what was happening at the college,” an admissions agent at Bois d’College told investigators. words. He says that he is worried about Samuel Paty. A few days later, the latter writes to his colleagues via e-mail that he is “threatened by local Islamists”. Two teaching colleagues are faced with shades of Islamophobia, the professor justifies himself: “I am an atheist and I am not baptized !”

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Internet history

The principal of the college warned the authorities that no special protection would be offered to Samuel Paty. “I didn’t know him. He was obviously afraid. He was curled up (…), hid his face. He told me not to let him in front of his house. (…) He didn’t speak during the trip, he retreated,” he said by car. an accompanying colleague testified, investigations revealed that he had a habit of walking home. On October 13, three days before his death, his Internet search history reveals a man concerned: “What’s a threat to public order?” or “For disorderly conduct.” Penal Code,” according to an additional forensic report from the victim’s computer. The next day, he searches for his name and, according to our colleagues, the events related to the dispute at Bois-d’Aulne college. “I clearly think that he is in fear for his life,” he said. one of his colleagues.

Cap and hammer in case

On the day he died, Samuel Paty asked a co-worker to bring him back later in the day. “I had to tell him no because of my schedule. Samuel Paty was very busy that day. He was circling the staff room. I don’t think he had washed, he was growing a beard as usual. He was clean shaven,” the professor testified during the hearing.

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Samuel Paty then left Bois-d’Aulne College on foot on October 16 at around 4:45 p.m. In the camera footage analyzed by the investigators, the teacher pulls down the hood. According to the investigative report, “Concealment is possible.” “He immediately put on his hood and headphones,” the receptionist said during the hearing. A few minutes later, Samuel Paty was attacked. He was stabbed and beheaded by Abdoullakh Anzorov, a radicalized young man from Évreux (Eure) province, and shot by the police a short time later.

Investigators made a discovery that allowed them to understand what state of mind Samuel Pati was in at the time of his death. A hammer was found in the backpack of the murdered teacher.

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