World Cup 2022 – in the footsteps of Aurélien Tchouaméni, blessed by the “football fairies”

The football fairies were bent over his cradle“, “a brilliant child programmed for success“…Tchouameni impressed everyone who met the 22-year-old midfielder who was hired by Real this summer for €80m (excluding bonuses) from Monaco and is eagerly awaiting the Qatar World Cup as a child. In the absence of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kanté From his beginnings, at the age of five, with the Artigues Youth Society (SJA) and his friends from kindergarten, whom he still knows, recalls his coach at the time, Silvain Aufrère “exceptional opportunities“.”He dribbled and shot faster than others. He played in the middle, even up front, and it was he who often scored goals“.

It was out of proportion with the other players, he was completely superior to the teamDavid Dauvillier, Clément’s father, Aurelien’s friend and teammate. He was chosen for his game intelligence and positioning“His goals and presence quickly caught the attention of his favorite club Girondins, but father Ferdinand, a model family man with a strong desire for education, who plays with him and discusses all his matches, insists that he stays. He is committed to SJA for a few more years. .

Internal, away from parents

During snack time after practice on Wednesday, kids are given Panini brioches with a racing game inside the packaging to participate in the Panini Cup. “It would be fun to sign up for fun“, say the leaders. Bim! Artigues is selected for the 2010 edition and wins the regional qualifier against the Girondins. Head to the Arche de La Défense in Paris for the ten-team national final, where Artigues makes a mid-race intervention. Paris SG, Lyon , Rennes, Lille and Marseille, his first opponent.From the kick-off, the ball reaches Aurelien, who hooks from the right and lights up the entire sky.Sylvain withdraws Aufrère. That’s how it started, he discovered the professional world, it was an extraordinary adventure“.

SJA wins 2-0 against OM and will take 3rd place, ex aequo With Lyon, including “The coaches in the stands tipped their hats to us. We took the road to a small town“. A hard worker who quickly improved, Tchouamé knows that his future will go through the Girondins, which he followed with his father as a subscriber to the championship title in 2009 and the following Champions League (quarter-finalist). This is not. his parents’ professional transfer to Lyon will distract him from his dream: At the age of 12, he chose boarding school at the Haillan training center, where he formed a character.. “It was a little difficult to have his distant parents, who called each other regularly“, continues Sylvain Aufrere.

No difference, no luck

Later, David Dauvillier invites him to his house from time to time to take him out of his daily life of sports. “I remember that Aurelien used to go to bed before everyone else when it was around seven or eight in front of the PlayStation. In terms of food, they ordered a burger, it was clean. You won’t find such a boy under a horseshoe. At the age of 14, he did not hesitate. If it has come to this place, it is no accident.“. Paul Frey, working in the Girondins, discovered it at the age of 17.”In these cages was Gaëtan Poussin, Jules Kounde, Zaydou Youssouf, a golden generation, an invincible generation that built a crazy U19 championship. They had a home court where they never lost. Besides, Aurelien was a pretty bad loser. He could leave the session very sad because he losthe smiles.

Selected from all categories of youth, this NBA fan earned a bachelor of science degree and advanced rapidly. At 18, he knows what he wants. “You got the impression that the guy was programmed to +kill+ to be at the top. You already felt that he had terrible qualities“, continues Paul Frey. The market value of finance Tchouaméni, who was at half-post of the Girondins, moves to the rock of Monegasque, where he naturally applied himself before being called up by Didier Deschamps in September 2021 to replace the injured N’Golo Kante. Since then, he has never left the eleven tricolor and joined the great Real.

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