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It’s no secret: exercise has always been important for a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

While there are clearly timeless ones like running, horse riding or football, some sports reach their peak of popularity before becoming more cryptic, then returning to center stage… and so on. Other sports are created from scratch, sometimes by mixing elements of different disciplines or completely inventing them.

The most popular sports for men: new ones are emerging

Among men, in particular, certain sports have always been classics: the football we mentioned, rugby… Sports that provide entertainment, highly appreciated by men, sports betting. Others appear in the hearts of men and gradually rise to the podium in their favorite subjects.

Among them, for example, we think of rock climbing, which in recent years has made a noisy comeback among popular sports among men.

Climbing mobilizes both the body and the mind because it requires concentration, thinking ahead about the route, identifying stops, and then completing the climb to the best of your ability. We’re also seeing new gyms popping up all over the place, equipped with climbing walls. On rocks or high walls, everyone is bound to their choice.

Another discipline, this time relatively new, has recently gained popularity among men: cross-fit. Combining weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio, this ultra-comprehensive sport is gaining more and more followers. And for good reason: by mixing high-intensity movements, flexibility, balance, breathing, speed, precision… In short, cross-fit covers everything at the same time.

Since it is possible to perform in the gym, it is easy to train, now many teachers train in crossfit and watch gyms. It can be practiced both indoors and outdoors, making it a favorite sport for men who want to combine nature with physical exercise.

Popular sports in 2022, from the most intense to the most gentle

In line with crossfit, which seeks cardiovascular performance, another discipline has been gaining more and more followers recently: HIIT, for “High Intensity Interval Training” or “High Intensity Interval Training”. Based on the split method, HIIT simply requires intense workouts with relatively short recovery periods. Purpose: prompting the body to quickly use energy and strength reserves. The effect is many: calories are burned faster, breathing capacity is increased for a long time, muscles are tightened and strengthened.

HIIT can be practiced in many different ways: rope, rubber bands, squats, jumps… This makes it an easy sport to practice anywhere, with or without equipment, which partly explains its popularity.

A gentler exercise than HIIT or cross-fit has recently gained popularity among men: Pilates. A blend of gymnastics and yoga, designed to stretch the body and strengthen it deeply with an emphasis on the abdominal girdle, the decades-old discipline is growing in popularity. And for good reason: when practiced with full awareness, it calms the body as much as the mind, builds sustained muscle without requiring intense cardio, and deeply relaxes. There are many variations such as Pilates fusion, Yoga Pilates. Everyone can find what they are looking for, as shown by the passion for this sport.

From the gentlest to the most demanding, these recently popular sports for men allow you to train at your own pace, according to your desires and capabilities.

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