Casablanca hosts the 3rd edition of Africa Place Marketing

Published by APA on 09.11.2022 at 19:18

The 3rd edition of Africa Place Marketing will take place on 29 and 30 November 2022 in Casablanca on “citizen participation; “For Territorial, Sustainable and Inclusive Marketing”. Initiated by the Local Development Company, Casablanca Events and Animation, this meeting will see the participation of experts, researchers and internationally renowned professionals, in addition to the presence of several African and international territories representing textbook examples. This area is stated in the press release of the organizers.

The ultimate goal of this symposium would be to stimulate discussion and ultimately foster reflexivity to build and develop a territorial marketing approach tailored to African territories and based on citizen participation.

Africa Place Marketing, a collective and shared attraction project that reflects Casablanca’s desire to become an important place for sharing, exchange, co-construction and development in the field of territorial marketing, will be held in figital through a virtual replay platform.

Several topics related to “hospitality and territorial, citizen participation for sustainable and inclusive attractiveness”, “continental mobility as a key lever for the development of African tourism destinations” and “approach to sustainable and inclusive territorial marketing” will be discussed during this symposium. development of African territories with potential”.

The importance of citizen participation in creating and developing an adapted sustainable and effective place marketing approach is no longer in dispute, action-oriented scientific research in place marketing confirms that the most relevant place brands are those that engage the citizen throughout the process. the attractiveness and hospitality of the area, we read in the presentation note of the organizers.

At the African level, citizens’ participation today occupies an important place in public policy as a vector of development and transformation of society. Territorial governance is currently taking a new approach to stakeholder influence and participation. Researchers, practitioners and experts recognize the relevance, even the requirement, of analyzing and measuring the place of the citizen in the process of territorial attractiveness.

Area attraction project, area marketing should be primarily delivered to the residents, even co-produced and implemented by and for them. It is no longer an option, but a necessity to succeed in the process of territorial attraction. In addition, the resident can play four roles in relation to his territory: First of all, he is a direct target, an argument that expands the territory, but also a partner in the construction of the attraction process, and finally. a passionate ambassador influencing the decisions of other targets, i.e. the investor and the tourist.

The new development model in Morocco insists on the involvement of the population and especially the youth in the process of strategic consultation. This “bottom-up” management method has now become a fact in the management of public affairs.

Within the framework of Africa Place Marketing, the 1st Casablanca African Tourism Forum (FATC) will be held, designed to be a place of exchange and reflection on the adoption of destination marketing as a lever for the sustainable and inclusive development of African territories. tourism potential.

Therefore, FATC strives to unite the driving forces of tourism around this reflection in order to jointly build the attractiveness of African territories, taking into account the Tourist, Citizen and Investor.

The 1st African Tourism Forum Casablanca is an initiative of the Casablanca-Settat Regional Tourism Council, which wants to welcome tourism operators from African territories to Casablanca, the center of the continent around African Place Marketing.

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