Why is it taking so long to announce the results of the midterm elections?

Full results from Thursday’s US midterm legislative elections were still awaited, where Joe Biden’s camp was pleased to have overturned predictions of a crushing defeat, but attention was already turning to the 2024 presidential election. The democratic president will take part in the elections. will likely have to deal with a Republican-held House of Representatives, making the rest of his term difficult, but his opponents’ victory promises to be much shorter than they thought. Senate control was still uncertain.

The final composition of the three-seat suspended upper house should indeed be known only weeks from now. Because the counting of votes in the states of Arizona and Nevada may take a few more days, and the second round in Georgia is scheduled for December 6. Republicans have long believed that they have a boulevard to win back the two houses from their opponents, promising a “red wave”, even a “tsunami”.

“It didn’t happen,” said Joe Biden, who will soon turn 80, alongside his vice president, Kamala Harris, on Thursday. November 8, the day of this historically dangerous election for the party, was “a good day for democracy” and “a solid night for the Democrats,” he reiterated. “There was a lot of concern that democracy would pass the test. It passed,” he said, adding that he was “willing to work with Republicans.” “But the American people have made it clear that they expect Republicans to work with me as well,” he warned.

The president focused his campaign mainly on the defense of democracy and rights, including abortion rights. He urged Americans to shut down the extreme fringes of the conservative camp and its “extreme MAGA philosophy.” The acronym MAGA refers to former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, which was “stolen” from him by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Republicans have been more insistent in their campaign about the record economy and inflation.

2024, already

Asked about the 2024 election on Wednesday, President Biden reiterated his intention to run for a second term but would confirm it “early next year.” Because the race for the White House is already being organized. Mr. Trump, who has been heavily involved during the campaign for the midterm elections, will be ready to set out again to conquer 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: he has promised a “very big announcement” on November 15. But more than his foals’ mixed performances cast a shadow over his projects and cast doubt on his reputation as a king.

He himself admitted on the “Truth Social” platform that “in a certain sense” the results of the “interim exams” are “somewhat disappointing”. Before attacking the “false news from the corrupt media that I’m angry about the midterms” on Thursday. “I’m not angry at all, I’ve done a great job (I wasn’t a candidate!) and I’m very busy looking to the future,” he said, claiming that he had chosen “so many winners” among his patrons. . Not everyone is of the same opinion. The New York Post tabloid, owned by the influential Murdoch family, has until recently been favorable to the former president, accusing him in a column of “sabotaging” the Republican ballot by calling him “Toxic Trump.”

Above all, the election allowed him to unify his most prominent Republican challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was victoriously re-elected on Tuesday. Mr. DeSantis gave a victory speech that looked to 2024. “The fight has just begun,” said the man who turned Florida into a laboratory for his ideas.

As for former Vice President Mike Pence, also a candidate for the next presidential election, he conveniently published an excerpt of his memoir the day after the election. His book, in which he explains the pressure to annul the results of the 2020 presidential election, will be released on November 15 – the same day as Donald Trump’s promised announcement.

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