This expert deciphers the “brutal mechanics” that lead to collisions

C8 Rebel MP Louis Boyard during his debate with Kiril Hanouna in “TPMP” in C8.


Rebel MP Louis Boyard during his debate with Kiril Hanouna in “TPMP” in C8.

POLITICS – “Tocard”, “catush”, “moron”. Here are some examples of the insults Cyril Hanouna’s guest, rebel MP Louis Boyard, hurled during the show. Don’t touch my TV (TPMP) from Thursday, November 10. La France insoumise (still often represented in the C8 set) A sequence of disturbing violence that led Arcom to take over.

The scene lasted less than ten minutes. It ended with the departure of the Chosen under the alarm of Val-de-Marne. No mention of the exchange was published on C8’s flagship show’s social media, except for a tweet from Cyril Hanouna that returned to the controversy.

This sequence with Louis Boyard is proof that we can say anything and invite anyone at TPMP “When the head of the Canal + group, and therefore of the C8 channel, Vincent Bolloré, openly criticized the activities in Africa, an interested person dared to literally lose his temper and increase the accusations against Louis Boyard.

“Unusual Pluralism”

Claire Sécail, PhD in modern history and researcher specializing in media at CNRS, is an applied observer. TPMP, he scrutinizes how political issues are handled on set. During the presidential election, he pointed out how Eric Zemmur represented 40% of the program’s political airtime.

Coincidentally, the researcher published the second part of his study TPMP Thursday, November 10, a few hours from this passage between Louis Boyard and Cyril Hanouna. A sequence that didn’t really surprise him.

The violence is surprising, but the brutal mechanics behind this clash are not “, he explains HuffPost Claire Sécail describes a device that helps glide. ” Ahead, there was Juliette Briens, an influential personality. This is typical of the sets Cyril Hanouna is looking for, with very strong antagonisms that can lead to clashes. the researcher continues.

a situation” misguided pluralism » can act as a trap for guests, because it is Kirill Hanouna who creates rain and good weather on the air. ” He talks over the guests, interrupts, does not allow them to speak, avoids the background… This authoritarian method plays in the drama of the scene.” The recording expert explains that ” slurred speech systematically reinforced by columnists who tend to coalesce behind Cyril Hanoun.

On Thursday evening, what sequence presented a brilliant display. ” The controversy also revealed the show’s hierarchy of loyalty. The columnists’ about the anchor, the anchor’s about Bollore, because Boyard got out of control when he brought up the topic.” The researcher points out the role of the rebels in this political spectacle that Cyril Hanounan loves.

“Hardness of the device always wins”

They are confident that they can master the agenda set by the set and therefore present their own ideas. In fact, this is an overestimation, because the hardness of the device always winss”, notes Claire Sécail, who recalls that Jean-Luc Mélenchon gave the impression of being trapped. Father face to face during the presidential elections.

“Thanks to the antenna, it’s hard not to feel manipulated by Zemmour in a sequence that should have lasted twenty minutes instead of ten and ended up being an hour and ten” the rebellious candidate wrote on his blog. ” Some also fall into the trap of their personal relationship with Cyril Hanouna “, explains Claire Sécail, specifically referring to LFI Deputy Raquel Garrido, who has long been a judge on set TPMP.

Seeing the spectacle that the clashes present and the poverty of the political discourse that emerges from these shows really raises the question of the interest in attending them. Talk to Cyril Hanouna’s famous audience, okay, but what to say? Claire Sécail asks.

It remains to be seen whether the rebels will be used as an object of polarization TPMP, will continue to knock on the door of the host of C8. For the time being, Louis Boyard has requested the opening of a commission of inquiry into Vincent Bolloré’s intervention in the media. I’m not sure we’ll see him in Kiril Hanouna anytime soon.

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