The prospect of Eric Ciotti’s victory raises doubts about Macron’s matchmaking

ok? Not for everyone. It is less than a month until the election of the president of the Republican parties. Eric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié are still vying to lead the political movement, which has been shaken by the result of Valery Pécres in the presidential election.

The call launched by Emmanuel Macron for an alliance on the right has been repeated several times. Although the Republican campaign has been quiet, some have decided to make their voices heard. They are aware of the political line of the party. Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse Republican “rightists” were warned.

He decided like our colleagues Figaro, to leave the party. The mayor of France’s fourth largest city believes that its political formation is “deadlocked”. The mayor of Toulouse, who agrees with the partisan majority, condemns the will of the three candidates to keep the party independent.

A “right-winger” criticized internally

Among the candidates, Eric Ciotti scares the centrist and Macron-friendly wing of the Republicans. always in Le FigaroElected officials share the fear of seeing the party’s presidency ready to vote for Eric Zemmour in the event of a duel with Emmanuel Macron.

“The party has taken a very right-wing position (…) This prompted many centre-right voters to join the Macronist camp and in no way hindered the far-right’s voting dynamics,” he explained in the newspaper’s column. A fear shared by a party executive. “The concern more often from activists in the federations will be like this compared to LR Emmanuel Macron.”

The Republicans’ stance is not only crushing center-right voters, but congressmen as well. A small group of elected LRs are used to meeting in isolation within their own political familiesas said Le Figaro. Virginie Duby-Muller, Deputy of Haute-Savoie, Alexandre Vincendet, Deputy of Rhone, Nicolas Forissye, Deputy of Indre, Philippe Juvin, Hauts-de-Seine and Jean-Louis Thieriot, Seine-et-Marne.

Ministers and the Renaissance in ambush

We observe the situation in the Retailleau camp with some concern. “LR deputies deal with freelancers, auto-entrepreneurs, relatives of the head of LR senators. because there is no leadership, everyone wants to follow their own line“.

These informal meetings have not escaped the attention of the Renaissance MPs, who, along with the members of the government, are eyeing these Macron-friendly MPs. Some are thus received by ministers – often former LR members – others negotiate directly with Renaissance MPs in the Assembly. Emmanuel Macron and the government are “tactically right to contact us, recognize the elected LR. This is an effective stance and will be until there is a line“.

They don’t have an account and are not on the right side of Eric Ciotti

Minister, former LR at Le Figaro

According to a minister, the former LR, quoted by Le Figaro, “today there are ten, how many tomorrow? They do not have accounts and are not on the right side of Eric Ciotti”, for example, proves this. old LR.

But from the beginning, you need to be careful for the deputy, macronist. “Our interest is to hold a discussion with the LR bloc, which believes that it is useless for 3, 4, 5 deputies to join us. You’ve won a few, but the rest of the group is behind you“.

Within the LR group in the parliament, the deputy denies the existence of a group split between the right-wing and macronism. “We have unanimous positions on the text of the protest proposals, budget, PLFR and unemployment law. It is very uniform“, he defends.

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