The Mist Season 2 Update and Release Updates: Will It Ever Happen?

Spike never ordered a season 2 of The Mist , but will Stephen King’s story ever return to television? The Mist Netflix revival happened recently, but there are no new episodes. Frank Darabont spent years trying to put together a film adaptation of Stephen King’s book, finally succeeding in 2007 with The Mist. Although the film’s modest budget was conspicuous at times, the film was an intense and terrifying journey that brought King’s story. The film is also famous for its incredibly dark ending, which is still controversial (even though Stephen King approved it). The novel also inspired video games such as Half-Life and the Silent Hill franchise.

The Mist was once again adapted by Spike for a television series in 2017 before The Mist switched to Netflix. Considering that 10 years have passed since the debut of the film, the show should have been able to attract the attention of the audience. However, the series struggled in its first season. Although The Mist featured a strong cast, the series received mixed reviews, focusing on the clumsy handling of the characters and changing key elements of the mist itself. There were always fans wanting to see where Season 1 could continue from the exciting cliffhanger, so is The Mist season 2 happening?

Spike canceled The Mist in 2017

Unfortunately for fans, Spike canceled The Mist shortly after the first season ended. There was some hope that Netflix’s The Mist spin-off might launch a second season after putting the first season on its platform — but that never happened. The show’s fate was still up in the air after a lukewarm reception, but while the first season left the door open for the story to continue, there seemed to be no general excitement about what The Mist had condemned.

Foggy Season 2 Revealed Where It Came From

Both the show and the book version of the mist are vague about the origins of the mist itself. There is a theory that a military experiment went wrong and landed him in the city by mistake, but this is never confirmed. Season 1 of The Mist ended with the survivors watching as a military train unloaded people into the mist — essentially feeding it — as they set up a military plan to become the main conflict in The Mist season 2.

Mist season 2 is unlikely to happen

Ultimately, Spike’s series The Mist flopped. Considering that the show has not moved to another network or platform like Netflix, The Mist season 2 seems very precarious. The concept of the Mist series has a lot of potential, but unfortunately Spike’s show mishandled the material. The show took a psychological horror approach to The Mist and did not include the terrifying monsters from the book – a decision that ultimately backfired. The show’s lack of beloved characters was another issue, so while the material itself could be re-adapted in the future, The Mist season 2 is unlikely.

The Fog Season 2: Updates and Future

Since Spike canceled the show in 2017, there’s been no indication that a season 2 of The Mist is happening anytime soon. However, fan interest in the series continues: a petition has more than 20,000 signatures begging Netflix to reboot the series. Whether it will be successful remains to be seen – audiences will finally get some answers in The Mist 2.

The Fog Movie tells the same story, but better

One of the biggest complaints about The Mist TV show is the lack of monsters that plague the feature. In the end, the movie told the whole story better than the series. Even Stephen King praised the film adaptation. If you think about it long enough, it doesn’t really matter if The Mist is over or not, because fans can go and watch The Mist 2007 for closure. Although the ending of the movie is different from the book, at least people can go and see the movie knowing that it has the author’s stamp of approval. There’s also an argument that the audience for The Mist TV show just isn’t there, since the movie has already been released and it’s widespread appeal. People already know the story and have seen The Mist’s Cloverfield-scale depictions of interdimensional monsters on screen. It is entirely possible that people were satisfied with the first attempt at adaptation, so that a second, longer attempt did not need to take place. There are plenty of movies that have been adapted into TV shows and vice versa, but The Mist is a notable case where one far surpasses the other in quality.

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