How Black Panther 2 Prepares for Wakanda War

New Marvel Movie Shows Weapons and New Costumes Black Panther: Always Wakanda and these armors could lead to the creation of a new group in Wakanda.

Whether Black Panther: Always Wakanda (which is almost a good miracle), Wakandan warriors Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Ayo (Florence Kasumba) also return, along with Shuri (Letitia Wright), Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o). a new form that the public can discover even before the release of the film through promotional images and various trailers.

One of these outfits was even seen as Aneka (Michaela Joel), the new Dora Milaje, along with other outfits at an exhibition during D23 in September 2022, and was instantly recognized by some. Midnight Angels traditional form (or Midnight Angels in the original version)A group destined to appear in the MCU.


in the head Black Panther: Always WakandaShuri is working on a new armor model for the Dora Milaje, and Aneka is using new weapons made from a type of plasma energy when Wakanda’s fighters encounter special forces sent by France to get their hands on vibranium.

Later, as the battle against Namor’s army approaches, Shuri gives these new blue armors to Aneka, Ayo, and some of the Dora Milaje, allowing them to increase their strength, speed and combat abilities. After defeating Namor’s forces, Aneka and Ayo reappear briefly, however the two women and their new outfits may ultimately mean more in the future.

Aneka, the new warrior of the Dora Milaje


In the comics, the Midnight Angels are a group formed from the best Dora Milaje. When Doctor Doom invades Wakanda to seize vibranium after a coup d’état, The Dora Milaje remained loyal to T’Challa and Shuri, who had become the new Black Panther. Along with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, they later joined the war against Doctor Doom. T’Challa created an elite commando called the Midnight Angels Helping Deadpool to kill Vibranium and the super villain who has taken over his country.

Black Panther and Agents of Wakanda: PhotoMidnight Angels: Origins

After the destruction and rest of the multiverse, T’Challa was able to resume his place as ruler, but the tension between the tribes remained in Wakanda. Ayo and Aneka stole the Midnight Angels armor to protect the Wakandans they feel have been forgotten by the crown and used this to free the women who had been captured by the bandits and joined their cause. They then settled in a village and continued their resistance against T’Challa, but when some Jabari attacked the Midnight Angels, They killed M’Baku’s brother Mandlathen took control of the region with the support of other Jabari He forms an alliance with another rebel force called the People.

Black Panther and Agents of Wakanda: PhotoAyo and Aneka, returnees from the Midnight Angels

Tension rises, T’Challa raided Jabari territory along with his bodyguard Hatut Zeraze to regain control, but his soldiers were captured. As the Midnight Angels plan an attack on Wakanda’s capital, they finally learn of the People’s soldiers’ violence against the women they protect and decide to release Hatut Zeraz to prove their good intentions.

Persuaded by Shuri, the Midnight Angels then helped T’Challa defend the capital against the people and peace was able to return to Wakanda and between the king and the Dora Milaje, who gained their independence.. After this episode, T’Challa set up a council to write a constitution and establish a democratic regime where he would no longer be the leader, but the representative of the Wakandan people.

Black Panther and Agents of Wakanda: Photoangels of the night


In the film, although Aneka and Ayo are already a couple and they wear their signature blue dresses, Midnight Angels are not yet formed whom. But with a spin-off centered on Okoye and Wakanda, the two women and the rest of the Dora Milaje will definitely be remembered, and the series might even be. Setting the stage for Doom’s invasion and a clash between the crown and the Midnight Angels in the future Black panther 3with a plot about Aneka and Ayo who now want to defend not only the royal family but also the people against their oppressors.

Or Marvel could break away from the source material and come up with an entirely different story around the tribal war in Wakanda. The appearance of the Midnight Angels armor Black Panther: Always Wakanda It makes it clear that Marvel will feature them in a future projectwhen and how remains to be seen.

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