Emmanuel Macron calls for “unity” in the face of “the end of abundance” and “imprudence”.

The head of state and executive power returned to school on August 24. On this occasion, Emmanuel Macron called the government “union” in front of “the great rocker” this is denoted by recovery “the end of plenty”, “clarity” and “carelessness”.

After a three-week vacation, the president spoke at length in the preamble of the Council of Ministers, which was exclusively broadcast live.

“This is a big change we’re going through”he warned the head of state and returned to his last words “Series of serious crises”From Ukraine to drought. “The moment we live in may seem to be framed by a series of serious crises (…) and some may see our destiny as constantly managing crises or emergencies. I, for my part, believe that what we are experiencing is rather a great change or a great revolution order.Mr. Macron said.

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A call to “Unity”.

When considering the head of state, the French [pouvaient] react with great concern”he called the members of the government “say things”for “naming with great clarity and disaster-free”. “I expect the government to respect its promise and the obligations we have taken before the nation”he added.

“What I hope we can do in the coming weeks and months is confirm a very strong unity of government, of the forces of the majority.” around “On the course that will allow us to strengthen our sovereignty, the independence of France and Europe”he said.

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First “The Rise of Liberal Regimes” and “strengthening authoritarian regimes”The president called the ministers “serious”hour “reliability” and not succumbing to temptation “demagoguery”. “It’s easy to promise anything and everything, and sometimes to say anything and everything. Do not give in to these temptations, this is demagoguery. They flourish today in all democracies, in a complex and fearful world. Telling people what they want to hear can always sound tempting (…)but first we must justify it by asking ourselves if it is effective and useful”he added without giving specific examples.

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The CGT wants to “oppose the victims”.

On BFM-TV, Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, immediately reacted: “This is an unusual message. When I talk about the end of abundance, I think of millions of unemployed, millions of dangerous people, especially women, smicard. Times are hard for many French people, there are already victims.”guessed. “There has been no message since then [qu’Emmanuel Macron] he was re-elected, showing that he understood, that he at least heard the message of polls and suffering”he assured.

“Victims, we will oppose them”, Mr. Martinez added. The CGT has called a day of action for the health sector on September 22 and another inter-union day on wages on September 29 – together with Solidaires. In mid-July, all unions agreed on a text to take into account the remaining wage increases. “priority topic”. General text “It hasn’t been like that for ten years. When all the unions write, I think it’s worth cleaning your ears.”judged.

“No, but we dream! It’s as if the French have run out of cares and are too full of themselves. 10 million poor French people because of President Macron’s carelessness and the predation of the rich”He was angry with the General Secretary of the Communist Party (PCF), Fabien Roussel on Twitter.

“Unity requires the necessary contribution of everyone’s resources. Why then refuse to raise wages, end the financial and environmental mismanagement of the ultra-rich, and finally tax the super profits of multinationals? »in turn criticized La France insoumise (LFI) MP Manuel Bompard.

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