Get certified on Twitter in 10 minutes? This is possible!

Getting certified has changed completely since Elon Musk took over Twitter. Previously, this little blue badge was reserved only for accounts that stood out in one of the social network’s predefined categories. Today, Twitter certification is available to everyone… versus a simple subscription to Twitter Blue!

Get your Twitter certificate now

It is a debated topic. Since its inception, Twitter has made it possible to identify a certificate authenticity thanks to the account’s little badge, we know it’s not plagiarism, but really an official user/organization. Twitter’s old management has always been careful to issue the certificate only to accounts it owns really need itFor example, this is important for someone like the President of the United States of America, but not really necessary for Roger, a farmer in Cantal.

This distinction between certified and non-certified accounts is well made mastered By Twitter, until Elon Musk came to lead!
Today, anyone in the US and Canada can get a certificate as long as they pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. $8 a month.

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A certificate badge, of course to lose it lost its value completely with the new policy introduced because everyone can get it and the scarcity effect disappears.
In fact, this idea is just a business, because the billionaire just wants to encourage you to buy a Twitter Blue subscription. to make profitable the big investment he made to take over the social network.

If you want to get Twitter Blue and therefore the certificate badge that comes with it, there is a solution though. unavailability Subscription in France.
Currently, only Americans and Canadians can get certified through Twitter Blue, but there is actually a technique. make a living… with our tutorial.

How to get a certificate in France

(Reminder: Twitter Blue is a paid subscription)

  1. First, you need to do delete Twitter app for iPhone. Rest assured, nothing will be lost, you can reconnect to your account as soon as you reinstall it.
  2. Download VPN. Then you have free or paid ones that can be used for other activities (downloading, online games, etc.). Writing iPhoneSoft, we will recommend NordVPN, one of the best for us.
  3. Once the VPN is up and running, Introduction to a server located in the United States. Take the server of any city: New York, Chicago, San Francisco… The interest is to simulate your presence in the land of Uncle Sam.
  4. meeting at Parameters On your iPhone, then tap your first and last name above.
  5. click on “Media Content and Purchases” and press “Account”.
  6. Go to Country/Region and select “United States”. WARNING: this manipulation will terminate your current subscription and cause you to lose the money available in your Apple ID for purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store.
  7. Apple will ask you for a US mailing address and phone number to transfer your account to the US. Here’s an address you can enter that will definitely work:
    Address Line 1: 239 W 4th Ave
    Address line 2: (blank)
    City: Anchorage
    State/District/City: AK
    Zip code: 99501-2318
    Country or DOM-TOM: United States of America
    Phone number: 443-526-9724
  8. After completing this step, all you have to do is switch App Store.
  9. Download Twitter and log in with your usual username and password.
  10. In the menu on the left you will be Twitter Blue will be displayed (check it anyway to make sure it works).
  11. Log out of Twitter then go back to step 4 of this guide until step 6. Set France back as Country/Region.
  12. Surrender yourself true mailing address and a valid form of payment.
  13. Then go back to Twitter subscribe to Twitter Blue with your payment method
  14. As soon as your subscription is considered, you will receive a certificate immediately. Note that the subscription fee is $7.99 per month.

Download the free app Twitter

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