‘Enola Holmes’ and 9 Other Movies Reimagining Famous Classics

Everyone loves a classic. works of authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austen and William Shakespeare it’s a classic for a reason! They are awesome. It might seem a bit superficial to see them multiplying in modern times with nothing more than a new environment or new actors to accompany them. This is why new iterations of classic stories are always the best Adventures of Sherlock HolmesBetter to reinvent than reinvent.

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It could be as little as a slight character change or a different setting, or it could completely turn the original story on its head. Enola Holmes and a recent release Enola Holmes 2are two of Hollywood’s latest and greatest reimagined classics, but similar reimaginings of other classic books, movies, and plays have occurred throughout history.

Enola Holmes (2020) Follows Enola (Millie Bobby Brown), the teenage sister of the famous (and cute!) Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill)as he uses his detective skills to track down his mother and solve the mystery she’s immersed in.

The series takes all the humor, mystery and detective prowess of the Sherlock Holmes stories and places them in a story centered on a young teenage girl who defies the cultural norms of her time. This is a great example of a reinvention of a classic done well.

All the Lion King characters together
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Although the makers have denied that the film is “based” on Shakespeare’s classic, they started creating the story by taking notes. Bambi, There are similarities between a cartoon based on a big African cat and a Shakespearean cartoon. Hamlet.

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Both are based on an evil uncle, a murdered father and a fatherless prince. The Lion King mainly Hamlet with songs, funny animals. Although the directors may not admit that they want to recreate Hamlet, which they did. In doing so, they created one of the best cartoons of all time and turned classic history upside down Hamlet on his head.

Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan and Eliza Scanlen

Speaking of reinventing a movie, by Greta Gerwig Adapted by May Alcott Small Women is a strange example. Overall, the movie doesn’t change much. But what has changed is a complete reimagining of the original story.

The original story follows four sisters, Meg, Amy, Beth and Jo, played by Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen and Saoirse Ronan. In Gerwig’s film, Joe March has May Alcott’s life, even though Alcott is married. It is the book he wrote in the movie SmallWomen! The sisters’ faith also drops significantly and jumps every moment.

Cuckoos flew over Nest-1

It would be hard to be more different than the movie version One flight over the cuckoo’s nest in comparison By Ken Nesey A novel from 1962. There’s really only one (okay, two) difference worth noting. It is completely reinventing the story and its telling. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that the main character by Jack Nicholson McMurphy.

In the novel, the story is narrated by Chief Bromden and takes time to introduce some backstory to the Chief. He is the main character in the story of the fight between (the scariest) McMurphy and the employees of the institution. In contrast, the film reinvents McMurphy’s character, obliterating Chief’s backstory and leaving him mostly silent.

Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman stand together

In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was the king and father of Metharne. It was the Roman poet Ovid who wrote that the sculptor Pygmalion created the ideal of femininity in the form of an ivory statue. Through strange circumstances explained by mythology, he falls in love with his creation, names it Galatea, and is brought to life by the goddess Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology).

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Calls? Richard Gere not a sculptor and Julia Roberts it’s not ivory, but there’s no doubt about it Beautiful woman It is a reimagined version of the Pygmalion myth. As they say, there are only seven stories. Pygmalion’s premise is that “nothing” (a block of ivory) becomes something worthy of love. In Beautiful woman‘nothing’ is a whore.

Fight club brad pitt storyteller edward norton
Image via 20th Century Fox

According to the novel of the same name, fight club, while faithful in some respects, depicts the same story with significant changes. With the novel released just three years before the 1996 film, Chuck Palahniukhis story was almost overshadowed Brad Pitt and Edward Norton– directed reinvention.

The most obvious change was the ending of both stories. Where the film ends with Norton and Maria (Helena Bonham Carter) watching the city explode from a skyscraper, the book finds the protagonist in a mental asylum. In the book, the narrator is Tyler Durden’s partner from the beginning, but in the movie, he must be restrained.

Beowulf 2007 ray winstone
Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros. Image via Pictures

What if we turned a classic story into a strange cartoon animal? It sounds like what the filmmakers thought to themselves before they made it. In 2007, more than a heartbreaking attempt to show what the technology could do, Beowulf significantly reinvented the classics.

The biggest change is the killing of Grendel’s mother. This difference alone forces the film to almost completely reinvent the tale. In the movie, Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother instead of resisting sleeping with her. This act completely changes the character and subsequent events of the story.

Count Dracula (Gary Oldman)

With the inclusion of the original author in the title, the film sounds like a true literary adaptation. Francis Ford Coppola1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula is similar Bram Driver1897 classic, Dracula In many ways. However, where it deviates is important. While both iterations revolved heavily around Count Dracula, Coppola changed the focus of the story.

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Trying to adapt to a very different audience, it’s no surprise that a change was requested. Coppola’s Dracula is much more dynamic and human than Stoker’s deranged and twisted existence. The biggest difference between the two is the depiction of love. Dracula is a horror novel. Although it explores other themes and sometimes focuses on love, Bram Stoker’s Dracula it can be called a love story. Coppola’s adaptation is a perfect example of how to make a faithful yet reimagined adaptation.

Jojo sitting with imaginary Hitler in 'Jojo Rabbit' (2019).

bright JoJo Rabbit is not technically based on or related to any previous classic work of literature or film. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a piece of history that is seen more often than World War II. This was done from every possible angle. ‘s brilliantly quirky mind Taika Waititi – who directed, wrote and starred in the film – gave us a whole new take on the iconic World War II classic.

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Jojo is a tough German boy who always seeks guidance from his imaginary best friend Adolf Hitler (Waititi), who joins the youth sector of the Hitler Youth organization. He earns his titular nickname here because he didn’t kill the rabbit. Growing up and questioning beliefs (and being reprimanded by Kiwi Hitler for doing so), a film that evokes tears and smiles, JoJo Rabbit is special.

Heath Ledger in a knight's armor in a knight's tale.

Loosely inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer A tale of knights of The The Canterbury Tales, The story of knights (2001) Following in the footsteps of William Thatcher (health book), a villager trying his luck to follow his dreams. Having assumed the mantle of Sir after the death of her lord, Thatcher lives on as Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein, who needs help from Geoffrey Chaucer.Paul Bettany) protect

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The story of love, action, drama, adventure and comedy is about everything you can find related to the title TheCanterburyTales. A tale of knights is a deep and thoughtful story of chivalry, love, gods and ethics against peasantry. The story of knights It opens with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and is (almost) about a sexy knight in equal measure after an attractive woman and equestrian glory.

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