Trump’s 2024 candidate Ron DeSantis has been re-elected in Florida

OCTAVIO JONES/Getty Images via AFP TAMPA, FL – NOVEMBER 08: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis delivers a victory speech after defeating Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. Charlie Crist during an election night vigil at the Tampa Convention Center on November 8, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. DeSantis was the projected winner with a double-digit lead. Octavio Jones/Getty Images/AFP (Photo by Octavio Jones/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP via Getty Images)

OCTAVIO JONES/Getty Images via AFP

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was re-elected on November 8, 2022. The next goal: the 2024 presidential elections.

INTERMEDIATE – Victory without appeal and surprise. Republican Ron DeSantis, a potential challenger to Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination, was re-elected as governor of Florida by a comfortable margin in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

The 40-year-old former governor, a rising star of the hard right, won surprisingly and easily against former Republican Charlie Crist, who switched parties. “We not only won the re-elections, we redefined the political map”cheered Ron DeSantis after the results were announced.

“For me, the fight has just begun”added one to whom we lend his presidential ambitions, which he has yet to confirm.

Ron DeSantis is gearing up for 2024…

However, he reneged on a commitment to serve out a new four-year term during the campaign, a sign that he hasn’t ruled out a run in the Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election … possibly facing Donald Trump.

Republicans scored another victory in a key state on Tuesday, with Sen. Marco Rubio retaining his seat. Thus, Florida is affirming its Republican roots, which is bad news for Democrats as the 2024 election approaches.

Ron DeSantis, who was still little known to the general public a few years ago, became one of the heavyweights of the Republican Party after being elected governor in 2018 thanks to the support of the then President of the United States, Donald Trump. He later won the election by a hair’s breadth against his Democratic opponent. This time he got almost 60 percent of votes.

He recently caused controversy by claiming to have sent planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a meat island in the northeastern United States. So he joined a movement by the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona to send migrants to Democratic cities in the north and east of the country, a very political gesture to woo their voters.

The pro-education Republican also signed legislation this year banning the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary schools. The much-controversial text was called by its opponents, “Don’t Say Gay” (“Don’t Talk About Gays”).

… “Wrong,” according to Donald Trump

The former military man, who has a neat family man image, is a stark contrast to the tempestuous style of former President Donald Trump, who recently nicknamed him. “Rhone-la-Morale”.

Recently, the rivalry between the two Republicans has intensified. The two campaigned in Florida last weekend, but made sure to avoid each other by attending separate events.

If Ron DeSantis chose to run, “I think he will make a mistake”Donald Trump, who may announce his official candidacy next week, said on Monday. “I don’t think the base will appreciate it. I don’t think it will be good for the party.”judged.

The billionaire also threatened his main rival: “If he runs for president, I’ll tell you things about him that won’t be too flattering. I know more about him than anyone except maybe his wife. »

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