“1000%” consent, inappropriate banter and controlled drunkenness … Mendy continues to deny everything about the abuse

Second day at the bar of Chester court for Benjamin Mendy on Tuesday. The player of “Manchester City” continued to explain all the facts against which he was accused. The former France defender denies seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault against six young women.

The remainder of Benjamin Mendy’s trial led to lengthy cross-examination on Tuesday by the player’s lawyer, Eleanor Laws. The day started around two of the complainants, “First Woman” and “Third Woman”. But when he arrived, the 28-year-old Frenchman finally had to explain all the accusations made against him by six young women, “Woman Two”, “Woman Four”, “Woman Six” and “Woman Ten”. These names are used by English courts to protect people’s anonymity.

Benjamin Mendy was the first of the six young women to press charges of attempted rape. With a French accent, the 2018 world champion spent the morning detailing the evening he spent with the young woman and her friend at his Prestbury mansion. The former defender met the “Female One” in 2017, when he was in Barcelona to treat his injury. The player met this young woman again after a year. The footballer, who has been suspended by his club Manchester City since September 2021 after claiming he has not been paid, said his girlfriend told the woman it would be “fine” if they had sex in 2018.

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“I’m going to kidnap you,” a joke for Mandy

The first woman to accuse him was 29 years old when the alleged facts came to light. On a night out in Manchester in 2018, Mandy said he told the woman “as a joke”, saying: “I’m going to kidnap you”. That night, appellant Benjamin stayed with Mandy’s friend in another bedroom of her home. Earlier in court, this young woman stated that she was not interested in Mandy, but in her friend.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the former France defender said he now understood why the young woman was upset. Benjamin Mendy further described the facts alleged. This young man would go to the room where the woman was taking a shower and say that she was “sexy”. According to her testimony, the two would “flirt” before they started “touching.”

“Then I ask her if we’re going to have sex. She says, ‘No, because of my boyfriend.'” The woman then asked to leave Benjamin Mendy’s home.

The alleged facts before Chelsea-Manchester City?

In the afternoon, Benjamin Mendy answered a few questions about the alleged sexual harassment in “Women Three”. “He followed me in the pool,” she said in court Tuesday. Before continuing: “He was dancing in front of me. I was walking away.”

Benjamin Mendy’s last time tonight guaranteed not to be remembered. The footballer just remembered that he had to leave home early the next day to go to Stamford Bridge. His team had to face Chelsea in the Premier League.

“I don’t want to be someone who wants to be in a relationship”

Later, Benjamin Mendy testified at a meeting on July 23, 2021, regarding the alleged rape of “Four Women”. The footballer had met the complainant before. During the party, the two chatted on Snapchat. Once away, Benjamin Mendy asked her if she wanted to have sex. “Woman Four” replied that she wanted to be in a stable relationship first before having sex.

“I don’t want to be someone who wants to be in a relationship,” Benjamin Mendy said. The lefty went on to explain to the jury that he had kissed “Female Four” before she gave him a mine.

The two then had sex for five minutes. Eleanor Laws asks him: “[A-t-elle dit à un moment donné qu’elle ne voulait pas avoir de relations sexuelles orales?] No, replied the former Monaco and OM. [Et pendant le sexe vaginal ?] No”, finished the tricolor international race.

“Female Ten” agreed “1000%”.

The player was then questioned on July 24, 2021 about the “Six Woman” who accused the City player of raping her at her home. The Frenchman again denied the facts and, as for the other complainants, insisted that the young woman had consented. when you have sex with him.

Another element on this day of the hearing, Benjamin Mendy, also told the jury he regretted breaking the rules by throwing a party during the Covid-19 pandemic. “It was not the right thing to do, I’m sorry and I want to say it in front of everyone,” he pointed out to the jurors.

In the process, Justice showed pictures of him with Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez at the Manchester club in August 2021. All this before a party at the Frenchman’s mansion, where he is accused of raping his sixth accuser (“Woman Ten”) twice. A night where Jack Grealish is at the home of the 2018 world champion.

Benjamin Mendy has again denied the rape allegations against him and said he agreed “1000%” with the way the young woman “talked” to him, insisting she found him “sexy”.

Mandy appeared to be completely intoxicated during cross-examination

After Benjamin Mendy’s testimony led by his lawyer, the prosecutor took control. Timothy Cray tried to make the French face their contradictions. The representative of the plaintiffs responsible for the accusation asked the Frenchman to return to his thoughts during his imprisonment. The Frenchman admitted that he changed his lifestyle after being behind bars between the end of August 2021 and the beginning of January 2022. Especially about “parties”, “sex with young women he doesn’t know” or using his money.

After beginning his cross-examination, Timothy Cray showed jurors a security camera video from the evening of August 23, 2021. There, the Frenchman is seen getting out of his car as Jack Grealish, still heavily alcoholic. . The defender of “Manchester City” emphasized that he knows his limits regarding alcohol: “I know how to drink.”

“I can barely walk but I haven’t drunk enough to do anything bad,” Benjamin Mendy commented on a video of himself completely drunk. Before testifying before the prosecutor: “Most of the time when I go out, I wear my pants quite low.” The trial and cross-examination will continue this Wednesday morning.

With Jean-Guy Lebreton, Nicolas Pelletier

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