LIVE – US elections: Midterm election results expected overnight

Early polling stations were closed in Kentucky and Indiana

It’s 6pm in Washington (midnight in Paris). Polls have just closed in Indiana and Kentucky.

Inflation, the No. 1 concern of American voters

Inflation was the number one concern of American voters on Tuesday (32%), just ahead of the question of abortion rights (27%), according to a poll conducted by CNN on the day of the vote.

Immigration comes in only fifth (10%), behind firearms (12%).

Trump has been all over the place during the midterm elections, ahead of his likely 2024 candidacy

Donald Trump, who is on the brink of announcing his 2024 presidential bid, has been ubiquitous on the midterm campaign, calling for a “giant wave” of Republican loyalists in Congress as a condition for his eventual return to the White House. .

The 76-year-old former president (2017-2021) is looking for revenge after his resounding defeat against Democrat Joe Biden in November 2020.

>> We explain its impact on the campaign in this article

The first polling stations close in an hour, the results are expected overnight

17.00 in Washington (11.00 in Paris), an opportunity to assess the American situation:

The first polling stations close in one hour in Indiana and Kentucky, before shutting down the rest of the US overnight.

However, the final results should not be known immediately. In some states, it will take several days.

Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona. While all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate are up for grabs, some states are particularly watchable across the Atlantic this evening: we take a look in this article.

Trump Denies Alleged Election Anomalies, Michigan Secretary of State Corrects Him

Sharing on social network TruthSocial, The former president of the United States says that some voters in Detroit were unable to vote. Trump urges supporters to “protest.”

Jocelyn Benson corrects this in her tweet. “This is not true. Do not spread lies to encourage political violence in our state,” he wrote.

‘This election is too important to abstain’: Joe Biden urges voters to get out and vote

In a tweet, the President of the United States urged voters to mobilize this Tuesday, when turnout will be important in many constituencies.

“Social protection. Medicare [le régime de santé publique]. The right to choose [alors que le droit à l’avortement est remis en cause dans plusieurs Etats]. All are on the ballot. This election is too important to remain neutral.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she’s “embarrassed” by the election cuts

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she’s “embarrassed” by a voting machine malfunction in Maricopa County.

Four states to watch this election

Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona. While all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate are up for debate, some states are under special scrutiny tonight across the Atlantic. explains why these four states could be crucial for this midterm election.

Several elections were held simultaneously

As is the case every two years, all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are up for grabs. The Senate, which has 100 elected members, serves six-year terms. More than a third are renewing this November 8: 35 places.

Americans will also elect some of their state governors, who decide their state’s policies on abortion, environmental regulation, and a number of local elected officials…

Decisive election for Biden and Trump

Joe Biden is playing big this Tuesday. Because the Republicans believe that they will not be able to take the House of Representatives, which is a classic scenario in this election, which is traditionally difficult for the White House party. But also to strip the Democratic president of his delicate control over the powerful Senate.

Losing control of both houses of Congress will greatly limit his room for maneuver until the end of his term.

Especially since his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, is lurking. The billionaire, who dubbed many candidates, is waiting for a new presidential candidacy in 2024.

First results overnight

Good evening everyone and welcome to this dedicated live stream midterm exams, mid-term elections are currently being held in the United States. The first polling stations will close at midnight Paris time, and we invite you to follow the results throughout the night on BFMTV and

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