Electricity is cut off in all regions from Kyiv to Kherson

Cover image: A view of Kyiv’s Podil district during a power outage, November 6, 2022. Rafael Yagobzade / Rafael Yagobzade

  • After two coups in which the Russians and Ukrainians blamed each otherThe city of Kherson in the south of Ukraine, which is still occupied by the Russian army despite Ukraine’s push, has been plunged into darkness. The Kakhovka dam located in that administrative region was damaged.
  • Kyiv is preparing for a winter without heat, water and electricity. Rotating power cuts are planned in some neighborhoods today. The municipal authorities plan to install about 1,000 collective heating plants, but this will probably not be enough for a city of 3 million people.
  • “Living in Bachmouth is getting harder every day”According to Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Marchenko, the city is besieged by Russian forces. Donetsk region has been without electricity, gas and water for almost two months. The deputy mayor told Reuters that there were Russian soldiers “An attempt to attack the city from several directions” but the inhabitants “wait”.
  • Iran admitted for the first time that it had supplied drones to Russia on Saturday, November 5Before the invasion of Ukraine. “Even giving this confession, they lied”President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in the evening. “We shoot down at least ten Iranian drones every day, and the Iranian regime says it would give very little, even before a full-scale invasion.” from ukraine. “Eleven Shahed were killed on Friday alone.
  • On Friday, November 4, Washington accused Moscow of trying to subjugate Ukrainians “freeze” as winter approaches. G7 countries a “coordinating mechanism” for the maintenance of infrastructures that enable the distribution of water and electricity. It will also be a question of delivering water pumps, heaters, housing containers, toilets, beds, blankets or tents.
  • The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Chmygal, nevertheless assured on Friday “About half of all buildings in Ukraine [avaient] heating”. “These are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residential buildings (…). Currently, 78% of buildings in Kyiv are heated. » According to him, the gas reserve will be enough to survive the winter.
  • “The Russian invaders launched three rockets, five air strikes and two rocket volleys during the day” In Lviv (West), Kharkiv (North-East), Dnieper (Center) and Zaporizhia (South) regions, the headquarters of the Ukrainian forces reported.
  • Kyiv definitely “prisoner” they are “exits” Residents of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, which were implemented by Russia “forced mass displacement”. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that these population movements are continuing rapidly “over 5000” people per day. Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the evacuations for the first time, saying that there were civilians “must be far” combat zones “the most dangerous”.
  • Given this situation, the US will finance the modernization of T-72 tanks and HAWK surface-to-air missiles. as part of a program worth about 400 million dollars (about 400 million euros), said Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the American president, during a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev.
  • On Friday, November 4, on the occasion of National Unity Day, Vladimir Putin predicted that this help from the West would be beneficial. “geopolitical goalswhich has nothing to do with the interests of the Ukrainian people but the goal “To weaken, divide, destroy Russia”.
  • Grain exports from Ukrainian ports resumed on ThursdayAfter Russia returned to the agreement on the humanitarian corridor.

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