Is Macron ready to dissolve the National Assembly? These ministers are delaying things

LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee on October 26, 2022.


Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee on October 26, 2022.

POLITICS -” The party is ready for any eventuality “It provides this Sunday, November 6, including the dissolution of the National Assembly Sunday newspaper Renaissance chef Stéphane Séjourné. The specter of a return to the polls is swirling, as the word was thrown out in private by Emmanuel Macron. However, this is neither confirmation nor imminent, according to several ministers this Sunday.

the french “don’t want” Dismissal of the National Assembly, assures government spokesman Olivier Vera Sunday in politics. The minister for relations with the parliament reacted to the article published in the newspaper JDD consists of three articles devoted to this possibility. According to information provided by the weekly, a “Cancellation Protocol” and financial resources are ready to be withdrawn from the Renaissance. ” It is no longer a question of if there will be a repeal, but when. “, summarizes our colleagues.

None of the ministers invited to political programs this Sunday wanted to confirm. On the contrary, the trend is more temporary.

Solution only in case of “full blockage”.

Disruption “This relative abundance has been in the air since its inception. I believe that the conditions for cancellation have not been determined today, ” relativizes Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture Program Questions policy.

The withdrawal was voiced by Emmanuel Macron only when it happened “Complete blockade of the Parliament”Olivier Veran insists France 3. However, “There is currently no stigma attached to this blockage”he argues.

Gerald Darmanin is abundant: “I note that work is going on in the Assembly and the Senate. Unemployment insurance has been adopted, the text on renewable energy has been adopted in the Senate, but the majority is not in favor of it. The text on the modernization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (…) was widely voted in the Senate and mainly in the committee. In an opinion shared by his colleagues on Agriculture and Communications in the Parliament, the Minister of the Interior emphasized at Le Grand Rendez-vous de CNews / Europe1.

The government still wants to believe in “compromise”.

But what about the controversial pension reform early next year? An immigration bill? “Let’s not assume”, It upsets Gerald Darmani, who still wants to believe it’s possible “compromise”especially about the text reforming the migration laws.

Marc Fesneau calls one himself “balance point” for example, to be found in the law on renewable energies, while Olivier Veran wants to see the wishes of the electorate in a relative majority as a result of the elections ” encourage trans-partisan agreement approaches, so that we can get out of the posturing a bit.”

Disintegration a “The power that belongs only to the President of the Republic. It depends on him to speak.”, concluded Gérald Darmanin. It was Elizabeth Borne who put a coin in the machine on October 30 in an interview with a Portuguese newspaper after Emmanuel Macron’s remarks during a dinner with the leaders of the majority in September. Criticizing the lack of such a majority in the case of an agreement between Nupes and the RN – a hypothesis strongly ruled out by the two camps, he speculated that “If there is an alliance to oust the government from groups that can’t run together, going back to the polls can be a way.”.

Faced with this threat, the opposition prefers to show its indifference. “Chick! » It presented Marine Le Pen to Emmanuel Macron, while NUPES said it was undaunted by a possible return to the polls. As for the Republicans, they remain on their guard while reminding the executive branch“If it falls apart, he will be the one to blame for not being able to organize the dialogue,” according to their statements Parisian Olivier Marleix is ​​their leader in the hemisphere.

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