Is Emmanuel Macron preparing to dissolve the National Assembly?

What about the breakup now? According to JDD, the question now is when Emmanuel Macron will launch it. ” Everything is ready. In the smallest details “, even our colleagues write that ” cancellation protocol “, detailed every day especially on the methods of discussion between the majority and its partners, Francois Bayrou MoDem and Edouard Philippe, Horizons stable, as well as a training seminar for the candidates of the majority for the new legislation. elections scheduled a week after the annulment was announced.

The LFI’s no-confidence motion was largely rejected by the Assembly, with the budget passed on first reading

An imminent prospect?

In the stick, Macronist Stéphane Séjourné, the current secretary-general of the Renaissance, would also embark on a tour of France to ensure that each constituency would have a candidate from the presidential majority ready to present when the time came. On the financial side, again “JDD” stands for, Renaissance would have already pulled out the calculators to ensure the party could fund campaigns: “We have more than 40 million euros of real estate, a manager informs. If necessary, we would have a problem-free loan very quickly. There are few parties in this case. thus providing one member of the majority with a weekly Sunday. Objectively, prepare for this eventuality and ensure that everything is ready when the time comes to avoid a repeat of the scenario in 1997 when Jacques Chirac left the National Assembly in a hurry – giving up his majority in favor of the Socialist Party.

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Elisabeth Borne runs the 49.3 for the 4th time with the entire budget

Although Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute majority in the National Assembly last spring, there is a prospect of a collapse here that requires a little more thickness. At the end of September, at the dinner dedicated to the pension reform, which brought together the majority leaders, the head of state had already waved the red rag, if the opposition falls, the dissolution of the Milli Majlis is not an exception. “Faith and government united to overthrow.” Danger to escape “shit”According to Emmanuel Macron’s reported comments, he reiterated a month later during an interview with France 2: ” “Why do you want me to tie my hands and tell you what to do? Solving is one of those tools. I know our constitution. » The following day, on October 29, during an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Publico, Elisabeth Borne was also there with her little sentence on the subject: “If there is an alliance to oust the government from groups that can’t run together, going back to the polls could be a way.”

RN and LFI are ready to return to the campaign

LFI MP Clémentine Autain, like her counterpart Sébastien Chenu from the RN, said to each other on Sunday: “loans” to return to the electorate in the event of a dissolution of the Assembly where the government has only a relative majority.

“We are ready. Not only do we have ideas, projects, applications, we have even saved paper in case it is canceled in a hurry.” to print tracts, professions of faith or bulletins, assured Clémentine Autain at Radio J.

According to the decision, do not collapse “likely”unknowingly “period”The elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis was in favor of having such an option “Today the political balance is not satisfactory”

“I believe Macron doesn’t have the majority to do what he’s doing.”he pleaded.

Clémentine Autain also sees it as a way for Emmanuel Macron, who has threatened to dissolve the government if it is toppled by a no-confidence motion. “to maintain their ranks, because they are already getting tired, they are already starting to challenge within macronia”. “Never be afraid to get back at people”he emphasized further.

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“It doesn’t scare us”at the same time, BFMTV MP RN Sébastien Chenu is also abundant.

“We are ready because we are a militant party of men and women who want to seize power to implement a different policy.”Deputy Chairman of the Assembly added. “We are ready to go on a campaign, we are ready to rule the country”He beat a chosen one from the north.

“If the French (…) want to entrust this majority to the National Rally to pursue another policy, we will not run away”he insisted.

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