MotoGP Valence J0 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha): “Let’s have the last big battle of 2022 and have fun on Sunday night! ” etc. (Whole)

This is Thursday, November 3, 2022 Fabio Quartararo Answered questions from the website and then journalists at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia as a prelude to the Valencia Community Grand Prix.

Now 23 points are behind Francesco Bagnaiathe French must face an almost impossible mission to double the world championship …

As usualwe report his words here without any formatting, even if translated from English.

Fabio, of course you want to win every race you enter, but you have to win this one! But do you feel more comfortable now that all the pressure is on Pecco?
Fabio Quartararo “Well, the goal is clear: I have only one goal in mind and nothing to lose, so of course I will do my best to achieve it and fight for the win. Of course, it’s not the best situation to fight for the title, but it’s a good situation not to worry about anything: whatever happens, it’s going to be a tough but good season, so here we go, go deep! »

This is not an easy circuit to overtake and the Ducatis were very strong last year: will grid position be decisive?
“Yes! Last year we had a big problem with the front tire and this year we have a tougher notch, so it will be a big help for us and you know how important it is for us. So I’m very confident. »

Broke your finger in Sepang and will have surgery next week…
“Yes. It’s not too painful but I feel a bit of pain when I drive. Even in Malaysia it wasn’t a big problem because I had painkillers. It wasn’t a problem and it will be less here. I was going to have surgery this winter just to make my finger normal, it’s so weird (laughs). »

How will you look at your season on Sunday night and what will you do to be even stronger next year?
“You know, before the start of the season we had some bad news about the bike. The start of the season didn’t go very well and let’s just say I complained a lot because after spending so much time trying to find something in the engine, we didn’t find anything. So I wasn’t as focused as I should have been. Then I had a really good first half of the season and in the second half I think we stayed at the same level and a lot of racers and manufacturers took a big step forward. And we remained like at the beginning of the championship, then we made a few mistakes. But I think in general you learn when you have a tough season. So I think it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t too bad because we’re still fighting for the championship in the last race. A lot of experience has been taken from this season and it will bode well for the future. »

Can you say a few words about Francesco Bagnaia?
“We always say Ducatis are strong, but he’s always at the front, so of course he’s the best rider and it’s great to come to the last race with him. So let’s have the last big fight of 2022 and have fun on Sunday night (laughs). »

You said you talked to some people because you are under too much pressure in Malaysia and you don’t enjoy riding anymore. Can you tell who they are and have you had a chance to speak to Lewis Hamilton?
“I spent a lot of time with his friends and talked to Jake Dixon a lot. It’s true that sometimes I want to attack too hard and that leads to some mistakes. I’m not really in the position I want to be and we had some difficult moments on the bike on some laps, so I didn’t have fun on the bike in the end. I want to have fun, the most interesting thing is: when you ride a bike, you are here to have fun!
And no, for Lewis. I haven’t particularly spoken to him since Mugello, when we spent a day together. But I don’t talk to him specifically. »

The 2022 season consisted of 20 races: how do you feel physically and mentally and how do you look forward to the 2023 season with 21 GPs and 42 races?
“It’s long! It starts from March to November and there will be Sprint races next year. It might be the same mileage as the FP4s, but it’s completely different from FP4 or starting a race! Because at the end you get points: it’s half the points, but you get more you risk a lot and you put more pressure because you always put pressure at the start. So it will be tough, mentally and physically tough, but that’s how it is and it’s the same for everyone.”

Which is more important in your situation: the race on Sunday or the test on Tuesday?
“(Laughs) Of course, I’m really looking forward to Tuesday because I’ve heard good news, but the priority is Sunday. Of course, enjoying this race will be very important, so my priority will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. »

Do you remember the first time you fought each other on motorcycles?
“Pecco and I have known each other longer (since 2015), but he has always been in a higher category than me. As he says, the first time was in Qatar in 2015: it was my first race and I was like crazy (laughs)! Then we fought all the time. In Moto2 he was faster than me and I was a long way behind, but hopefully we’ll have a good one this weekend! »

Fabio, you led the league from Portugal and for a while you were 91 points ahead of Pecco: when did you consider him your main rival?
“I think at the beginning of the season. Even when we were before or after Silverstone, Aleix (Espargaro) was closer to me, but you could clearly see that he was going very fast and I knew he was going to really fight for the championship. Of course I tried my best (laughs), but as I said, sometimes I tried to push too hard and made mistakes. But I think it was too early in the season. »

Do you see a quality or strength in your competitor that you wish you had?
“Speed! In general, the speed that Pecco has had all year and especially in the second half. But speed and ease, because it seems so easy for him: he has the potential even in qualifying or in the race, when you watch him on TV, when he is very fast he seems so slow. So I think the fact that he’s so fast in every situation is a quality I want to have.”

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