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Miviludes’ annual report for 2021 compiles a disturbing inventory of growing sectarian aberrations in France. Scientologists and Jehovah’s Witnesses are now competing with health gurus.

Guru is an animal that lives in time. It thrives on the fringes of society and uses its questions. The Inter-Ministerial Mission for Vigilance and Combating Sectarian Abuses (Miviludes) lists a wide variety of panels in its 2021 activity report presented this Wednesday. So there are “male” gurus, missionaries of the sacred feminine theory, yogi gurus, naturopaths, antivaxers and other shamans. In addition to the continuation of multinational cult phenomena (Church of Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Anthroposophy, etc.), the document notes the rise of pseudo-healers and real health fraud. Cultivating esoteric practices in the breeding grounds of conspiracy theories is a reported heavy trend.

In total, Miviludes counted 4,020 applications in 2021, which is almost double compared to 2015 and a 33% increase in one year. Of all these appeals, 396 directly or indirectly involve minors; 744 refers to health so-called unconventional care practices in the context of a health crisis. “There is no denying that the crisis created by Covid-19 has destabilized many people who have lost their place in a complex, interconnected society where information rubs shoulders with misinformation,” points to the report.

“Twenty-one days feeding on air and light”

Secretary of State for Citizenship Sonia Bakes described the danger to the press this Wednesday “gurus 2.0”, those who recruit their victims through social networks and threaten people directly, sometimes with death, especially those under the influence of extreme fasting and raw food remedies. “When you have cancer, people who advise you to stop chemotherapy for vegetable juices, feed yourself with air and light for twenty-one days…” Explains the Secretary of State, who also welcomes Doctolib’s decision to remove profiles from its platform that are not referred to as professionals by health authorities. So Thierry Casasnovas, the favorite naturopath of consumers of esoteric juices, is at the beginning of 54 appeals. The man doesn’t just fast or eat raw: he gives anti-drug speeches and has an exceptional punchline with 588,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Miviludes also pinpoints virilist movements like the Humanity Project, which organizes weekends in the woods. “change the world” according to the evidence “Participants are often asked to remain naked outside for several hours in temperatures around 5°C. Therefore, the initiate finds himself in a kind of trance, which makes him open to all requests and suggestions. The same applies to the missionaries of the sacred feminine theory, which is part of the so-called feminist approach and is above all monetary: under the veil. “Thinking about women’s liberation and empowerment”, movement internship, which is a very relevant topic “unregulated practices”. Sessions are sold with gold prices up to 1206 euros “journey to the end of the senses” For a period of five days in accordance with the Inter-Ministerial Mission, for example during this period “If a woman has painful periods, it’s because it’s ‘out of alignment with her deep nature as a woman,'” he asserted.

Scheduled Estate General

However, reading this very extensive inventory also reveals the difficulty the state has in holding these abuses accountable. “The border is weak with freedom of thought”, Christian Gravel, president of Miviludes, explains. “I think we still need to improve, especially the ease of reporting or increasing awareness in schools,” Sonia Backes also comments. The Estates General is planned for the first quarter of next year around the table with victims’ associations, public services, education and health. “Not just to talk”, Sonia Backes provides, but build “Action Plan”. With this finding: Scientology headquarters in Seine-Saint-Denis : everyone tried to ban it together and we couldn’t.” A deliberate sample of a 13-year-old enlisted by a mother who fell into Scientology.

Updated November 3 at 10:36 am. title changed from “ultra-feminist” to “holy woman”.

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