Pension, fuel, “energy check”… What changes on November 1

Tuesday, November 1 marks the beginning of the 11th month of 2022. And the start of this new month brings its share of changes and political decisions that can directly affect you. As every year since 2016, it is celebrated on the first day of November Launch of the “No Tobacco Month” operationaims to encourage smokers to quit smoking.

November for the 20% of French households still worried, according to official government figures payment of housing tax. A deadline for payment has been set November 15 in paper format, November 20 (midnight) for electronic payment.

It is also celebrated on Tuesday, November 1 the beginning Winter break. From this Tuesday until March 31, 2023, tenants can no longer stay out of their homesespecially for failure to make consecutive payments. However, there are certain exceptions to this settlement for cases of squatting, domestic violence or divorce.

Have snow tires

As part of the Mountain Law, many motorists from this Tuesday, November 1 to March 31, 2023:equip with snow tires or have snow chains or socks in their luggage.

total, 34 departmentsIt is located in the mountainous regions of France partially or fully related to this obligation. The road safety website lists the departments and municipalities that must follow its rules.

Additional individual pensions are increasing

As announced in early October, Agirc and Arrco supplementary pensions an increase will be observed from this November. It is revalued by the amount 5.12% It will help 13 million pensioners fight inflation starting this month. His payment will take place on Wednesday, November 2.

One hundred euro check for self-heating with fuel oil

good news for oil-fired fireplaces. The government promised to push, the latter will intervene From November 8 helping the poorest households in the face of rising energy prices. Thus, 1.6 million apartments will receive assistance in the form of vouchers, a cost between 100 and 200 euros. The amount of this energy check is determined by household resources.

Reduction of fuel subsidy

The 30 kopecks discount on fuelFunded by the state, it was supposed to end in early November. However, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne assured TF1 in an interview on October 16 that extension of this discount 30 centimeters for an additional two weeks. The discount will go down and down from November 15th 10 cents.

Good news for activity bonus beneficiaries

In mid-September A exceptional solidarity assistance (AES) has been paid. This growth returns in November. The the beneficiaries of the activity bonus (in June 2022) will benefit this month. The Exceptional Solidarity Aid (AES) will be paid by Caf from November 15. It will amount to 28 euros, plus 14 euros for each dependent child.

ASF is also on the rise

Another significant change for Novemberallowance for family support The ASF, which specifically benefits single-parent families, has been increased. The amount of this assistance will be as follows half jump from €122.93 to €184.41 per child per month. Note that no new procedure needs to be followed, the increase is done automatically.

New products affected by repairability index

A key measure of the anti-waste law, the reparability index, which comes into effect in early 2021 several new product categories. Dishwashers, pressure washers, and even new vacuum cleaners will benefit from this rule. color (green to red) and a Note (10 to 1), which allows you to know the repairability of the product before purchasing it.

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