“Being the first head of state to meet this post-fascist head of government…”

A number of left-wing figures attended a meeting between Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, newly appointed head of the Italian government, in Rome on Sunday evening, Monday, October 24.

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He was not the president of France “I don’t have to be at the forefront of this”Boris Vallaud, the president of the socialist group in the National Assembly, announced on Sud Radio that Mr. Macron was the first European leader to meet Mr. Macron.I Melon. “You should be far from naivety and self-satisfaction (…) A far-right government with a prime minister from a political family that admired Mussolini”, guessed. But it is a nuance “he is there. Yes, you need to talk to him, but strictly ».

“Nuance and unconditional. The boundless absurdity of the extreme right”has its share, he tweeted Socialist leader Olivier Faure.

For his part, PS senator Laurence Rossignol was surprised on Twitter : “Not the smallest reservation? “ignoring the things that make us different” or “remembering the humanistic values ​​that founded the EU”, even if it’s a small one. » “It is dangerous to get used to extreme right-wing leaders and to trivialize them”” he added on the social network.

Sandrine Rousseau, MEP for European Ecology-Les Verts (EELV), criticized “agreement with fascism and the far right, it’s still unbelievable”. It would be necessary, he guessed on the set France 2, ” mark [sa] dislike first”. “wrong”he summarized.

Away from the cameras

“To be the first head of state to meet this post-fascist head of government, not to express any reservations or nuances… what a political sink…”criticized Socialist Senator Marie-Pierre de La Gontrie, on Twitter.

Mathilde Panot, the leader of the “rebellious” deputies, was angry about this“complete irresponsibility” of the President of the Republic: “French fascists surf with rage over Lola’s death. They spread all over Europe. What is Emmanuel Macron doing? Italian Fascist Leader Runs to Talk to Meloni”he has he tweeted.

Green MP Benjamin Lucas even comparison This meeting between Philippe Pétain and Adolf Hitler during the handshake: “On October 24, 1940, cooperation began with the handshake of Pétain and Hitler in Montoire. The fact that this memory haunts us, fascinates us, prompts us to constantly reject the trivialization of fascism, no matter where it nests. »

The head of state, who came to Rome on Sunday to participate in the inter-religious summit in favor of peace, and Meeting with Pope FrancisOn Monday, finally, MI Meloni in moderation, Sunday evening, for a little over an hour. Yelysey remained uncertain about this interview until the end. The new head of the Italian government, Emmanuel Macron, came through the back door, accompanied by a small delegation, surrounded by twenty people.

As if nothing was obvious, this tete-a-tete between the far-right leader and the pro-European liberal lasted a good hour, was taken away from the cameras and “outside”they say in the Elysee of the Sant’Egidio conference.

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“Corporate Conversation”

Embarrassingly, the meeting did not lead to any official photos on the French side. Only a snapshot of the two politicians face to face at night was released By the Twitter account of the President of the Republic. “Europeans, in neighboring countries, as friendly nations, we must continue all the work we started with Italy.” commented. We held discussions around the head of state “open and demanding”M.’s trial continuesI Melon “on deeds”. “The relationship between Italy and France is more important than the relationship between their leaders”Mr. Macron reacted to the Italian press agency.

Elysee’s caution contrasts with the complacency of M’s entourage.I Meloni, we congratulate ourselves here “Finally encouraging words from the French”. “It was supposed to be a quick coffee and turned into a long, friendly conversation with a clear consensus of views on key European documents”, one of the leader’s relatives rejoices. A press release issued by the Presidency of the Council confirmed that the two leaders have reached an agreement at the European level in line with their commitments in the process. “Mutual national interests”. They discussed the energy crisis, defense, economic situation, migration control and support for Ukraine.

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On Sunday morning, Mario Draghi passed the torch to Giorgia Meloni under the gold of the Palazzo Chigi, the seat of government in Rome. This former admirer of Duce became chief executive a century after Benito Mussolini came to power.

The 45-year-old Roman, who won a historic victory in the legislative elections held on September 25, managed to make the Fratelli d’Italia party respectable. The composition of the new government reflects Rome’s desire to reassure its partners. Antonio Tajani, the former president of the European Parliament, was appointed to foreign policy, while Giancarlo Giorgetti, representative of the League’s moderate wing, succeeded Matteo Salvini (far right), already a minister under Mario Draghi. economics portfolio.

Although relations between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Mr. Macron are at an all-time low, the head of state has every interest in ensuring good relations with the new head of the Italian government. Since the summer, French President MI Meloni respects the sovereignty of the Italian people.

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