4 persuasion techniques to close the sale, Marketing and Sales

All entrepreneurs and traders aim to sell more. But a clarification that is not so simple. Above all, you need to be well prepared and armed to convince your customers. Tips.

#1. List your strengths and weaknesses

To win the sale, you must first know your products and services, develop your business plan and define your offer. SWOT analysis (The acronym stands for Strengths (Strengths), Weaknesses (Weaknesses), Opportunities (Opportunities) and Threats (Threats) allows you to diagnose the project, understand many strategic elements related to the presented offer. strong that bring real added value to consumers my sides? Why should the target choose you over my competitor? What are the gaps in my offer and how can I fill them?

“By mastering his product’s advantages and points of vigilance, a merchant will be able to avoid customer complaints and objections,” advises Julien Maviel, business creation and business development support advisor at Orléans & Pithiviers BGE.

#2. Understand customer behavior and discover customer needs

Soncase vision, an acronym that corresponds to the prospect’s 7 psychological profiles, is one of the most commonly used sales techniques. It helps to understand the decision-making biases of their customers and therefore to come up with the right arguments to trigger the sale. Each bias corresponds to one of the letters of the SONCASE acronym: safety, pride, novelty, convenience, money, sympathy and ecology.

“When this method is used wisely, it is very practical. Once you have clearly identified your customers’ needs by asking them open-ended questions, it is easier to tailor the conversation during the sales phase and capture their purchase motives according to the typology and expectations of consumers. If the client doesn’t care about the environment, you shouldn’t argue about it,” explains Julien Maviel.

If the consumer wants to be confident, then it is necessary to reveal everything about the client’s references, certificates, statistics so that he buys the product. An innovation-loving customer who is not afraid of change will thus look for innovation and wait to be offered the latest product available. On the contrary, with a customer looking for comfort, the merchant will have to spend time explaining everything and working with comparisons to calm him down.

#3. Build a sales pitch

Building a clear and effective sales pitch is essential to increasing your sales. It can be trusted to write CAB method (for features, benefits and advantages). The latter allows you to define and state strong arguments that meet the target’s expectations. Julien Maviel explains: “It is a clear communication tool that appeals to the customer’s sensibilities and structures the sales pitch that helps to convince them”.

The CAB method provides a framework for presenting your product or solution and can be summarized in three steps. First the features. It is about defining its proposition and describing its various functions. The benefits should then be presented and linked to the features. Ultimately, it’s about demonstrating the added value of the offering by explaining how it will add value to the consumer.

Guillaume Jousset started its activities in December 2019.
– StablO

#4. Embody your brand on the Internet

To convince their customers, Guillaume Jousset, the three-year manager of StablO, which specializes in the production and sale of portable workbenches, decided to create a strong brand image on the Internet. To achieve this, he first invested in social networks, Instagram, then Facebook and Pinterest, as well as YouTube, publishing several videos to explain the use of the product and highlight its advantages.

“The bench remains a product of craftsmanship, it must be seen in use to be understood. The pictures speak immediately. It’s real and it’s proven to work,” explains the manager, who doesn’t have a physical store. It also relies on a community of fan ambassadors who share videos, comments and photos posted by its customers on social media. The company has already supplied more than 2,000 machines since its inception, and this year saw a 45% increase.

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