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At the end of the second round, less successful than the first, Lorient was knocked out by Nice (1-2) this Sunday as part of the 13th day of Ligue 1. Morbihannais give way to Rennais on the podium.

Atal galis after a nice solitude in the region.

The end of the streak for Lorient! After the shortest unbeaten run of eight games, Merlus were knocked out by Nice (1-2) this Sunday as part of Ligue 1 matchday 13.

So, a result that dropped them off the podium after Rennes’ 3-0 win over Montpellier in the afternoon. And above all, a frustrating scenario for Régis Le Bris’s men who, despite great goal opportunities, could not make a break during a one-sided first move… On the contrary, Niois woke up and they were hurt.

Ouattara defeats the impenetrable Schmeichel

In a fiery Moustoir, the Aiglons also had the first goal through the middle of surprise owner Barkley, who spoiled Atal’s beautiful pass. Attacking the Nioise cage in the crowd, Hakes received one warning, five out of five. Laporte, Diarra, Le Fe… all fell on the incredible Schmeichel, who made four decisive saves in the first act. On the other hand, the Danish goalkeeper could not do anything with Ouattara’s header (1-0, 18th)!

Before the break, Lucien Favre’s troops still woke up. Especially thanks to the Atal detonator, it’s very close to equalizing after a perfect single. After returning from the locker room, Lorientais began to grunt while Niois continued to thrust. And it paid off. thanks WHO? The elusive Atal (1-1, 61st) played with several opponents before finding the small net of Mvogo. A heavy blow for the Bretons after many missed opportunities in the first period…

Laborde towel shower!

Newcomer Laborde had a chance to see his shot saved by Talbi… straight into Mvogo’s net, helpless on the spot (1-2, 70th)! Moustoir shower and Aiglons absolutely free: Pp, quite restrained this evening, almost broke twice in the crowd. Initially beaten by Niois’ second goal, Merlus responded thanks to Aouchiche but his shot was pushed off the line by Lotomba. The end of the series and a failed operation for Lorient, which gave its place on the Rennes podium.

Match Score: 7/10

Ratings are often good this season with Lorient. And this time, the opponent is also there for something. Every team will have their own period, but overall we witnessed a great Ligue 1 match with goals, intensity, great play and above all incredible tension.


– In the corner, Le Fe finds the head of Ouattara, who is able to open the helmet perfectly to deceive Schmeichel (1-0, 18th).

– Atal again plays several opponents in the area until he finds Mvogo’s small net. What a goal (1-1, 61st)!

– Boudaoui finds Laborde in the box. The former Rennais man took his chance and saw his shot blocked by Talbi… straight into Mvogo’s goal (1-2, 70′).


Maxifoot assigned a score (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the Match: Youcef Atal (8/10)

Who else? Schmeichel could also have claimed man of the match thanks to a number of decisive saves, but it was Atal who lifted his partners at the end of the first period. He could have tied the score after his first solo rush, but Mvogo closed his legs well. On the other hand, the Lorient goalkeeper could not do anything in the second Algerian festival. It should be noted that his pass should have been decisive for Barkley shortly after the start. Jordan Lotomba (no)In overtime, he scored a save on his line.


Yvon Mvogo (5): Definitely a frustrating match for the Lorient keeper who couldn’t do much about the two goals conceded. Abandoned by Atal’s defense and the victim of Talbi’s counter from Laborde, Mvogo rescued his nation just before half-time when Algeria’s first solo run down the right.

Gdon Kalulu (5.5): We knew he used him more in attack, but Kalulu lost a bit on his crosses against the Aiglons. Defensively, there’s nothing to fault him for, as evidenced by Brahimi’s restrained play.

Julien Laporte (6): was always so precise and clean in recovery that, like his whole team, the centre-back suffered at the end of the match. But before that he produced a very clean finish, we could have added a goal if Schmeichel hadn’t deflected a wonderful header in the first half.

Montassar Talbi (3): a forgettable match for the centre-back. Atal nearly scored at the end of the first period after bringing him down in the penalty area, and Laborde really found the back of the net thanks to him in the second half. Of course, an involuntary counter, but it has serious consequences for his team.

Vincent Le Goff (4): After a good start to the game, still with the same generosity on his left, Le Goff gradually fell back against Atal’s advances. He could never find a solution against the Algerians who played him for an equaliser.

Bonke Innocent (4): author of an excellent first half, like many of his teammates, Innocent lost the duel in midfield after the break. And his slip on Atal’s goal is expensive… Substitute in the 85th minute Adil Aouchiche (no)Seeing his equalizer pushed back on the line by Lotomba.

Stphane Diarra (5.5): first XXL era… but not very productive. Despite the big situations, Diarra found Schmeichel’s gloves every time. His team quickly regretted the many missed opportunities… He was replaced in the 60th minute Terem Moffi (no).

Enzo Le Fe (7): very good Le Fe, once again. The attacking midfielder shone in the first half, during which he offered Ouattara a corner and did not lose in the second half. Substitute in the 84th minute Ibrahima Kon (no).

Julien Ponceau (5.5): We could make the same criticisms as Diarra. Because Ponzo also shined in the first act, but he wasn’t killer enough in front of the cage. When moving the view of this action to the area where the teammate was, it was seen that the shot was important. Substitute in the 71st minute Quentin Boisgard (no).

Tho Le Bris (5): Also the author of the good start to the match, Le Bris started playing when Atal started playing. The Algerian won the duel both in attack and defense. Substitute in the 71st minute Yoann Cathline (no).

Dango Ouattara (7): The Burkinabe striker, who has been silent in his last three outings, returned to scoring with a fine header. During the first move, he offered his teammates several break points, which they did not take advantage of. We saw less of him in the second half.


Kasper Schmeichel (8): Without the elder Schmeichel, Nice would have gone into the dressing room with more than one goal conceded at half-time. But apart from Ouattara’s goal, the Dane stopped everything: Laporte, Diarra twice, Le Fe… all disgusted by the ex-Leicester player who finished the game with six saves!

Youcef Atal (8): see above.

Jean-Clair Todibo (6): Overwhelmed in the first period, the centre-back turned on his head after the break. Nice began to play when Todibo managed to stabilize his defense.

Dante (6): Like Todibo, the Niois captain showed a better face after the break. If he lost the duel with Ouattara in the first half, he won the duel with Moffi in the second half.

Melvin Bard (5.5): Returning from the locker room, Niois’ left side rallied in the first period and he no longer left a single gap with Ponceau and Diarra. Attack, he also woke up after a break.

Hichem Boudaoui (5.5): Boudaoui, unrecognizable in the first round and author of a fine match overall, rescues his performance with a crucial assist for Laborde. Replace with the 89th minute Joe Bryan (no).

Pablo Rosario (6): A player who could not find the right pace in the first move, sometimes helping the central defense, the trend changed later. After the break, he collected a lot of balls and created many scoring opportunities.

Mario Lemina (4): a delicate encounter for the former Marseillais. In the first half, he lost several balls that could have resulted in goals for Lorient, but was saved by Schmeichel. In the end, “Nice” played better after leaving. Substitute for the 62nd minute Aaron Ramsey (no)the writer of a beauty enters the game.

Bilal Brahimi (5): Very composed throughout the game, Brahimi lost his duel with Kalulu. It is difficult for Atal, who does all the work at the back, to improve his score with this decisive pass.

Nicolas Pepe (6): very lonely and therefore dreamy in the first period, Pp woke up after the break with several dangerous situations. When the ball gets to his feet, something always happens at the end… Change 90+2 Khphren Thuram (no).

Ross Barkley (2): Expected to be on the bench, Barkley would do well to sit there at the start. It only took him a few seconds to miss a great opportunity on the Ataldan spawn and it was Ouattara’s wake at the Lorient goal. Logically, it was replaced by the 46th minute Gatan Laborde (6)He was very lucky to score the winning goal thanks to Talbin’s block.

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LORIENT 1-2 BEAUTIFUL (average time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Day 13
Stadium: Stade Yves Allainmat – Le Moustoir – Referee: J. Turpin

Objectives : D. Ouattara (18th) LORIENT – Y. Atal (61st) G. Laborde (69th) NICE
Warnings :- Mr. Lemina (58th)For NICE

LORIEN : Y. MvogoJ. Laporte, Mr. TalbyG. Kalulu, V. Le GoffB. Innocent (A. Aouchiche, 85th)S. Diarra (T. Moffi, 60th), E. Le Fe (I. Cone, 84th), J. Ponsot (G. Boisgard, 71st), T. Le Bris (Y. Cathline, 71st)D. Ouattara

EXCELLENT : K. ShmeichelJ. Todibo, DanteY. Atal (J. Lotomba, 62nd), Mr. BardH. Boudaoui (J. Bryan, 89th), P. Rosario, Mr. Lemina (A. Ramsay, 62nd), B. BrahimiN. Pp (K. Thuram-Ulien, 90+3rd), R. Barkley (G. Laborde, 46th)

Ouattara gave Lorient an early lead with a header (1-0, 18)

Before the break, Atal woke up his family alone

He found the fault when he came back from the dressing room still alone (1-1, 61)

Laborde, who just entered the game, offered victory to Sports Hall with a counter kick (1-2, 70th)

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