Allowance, pension, fuel discount… What will change on November 1, 2022

The discount per liter of fuel has been extended until the end of 2022. (© Illustration / News Occitanie)

It’s November’s turn to bring in the new ceiling for food stamps, property tax payments, and after continuing the fall vaccination with anti-Omicron vaccinations in October. his share in the changes.

A number of events await you 1er November 2022, with good and bad news for the wallet. Overview.

Reassessment of family support allowance

Good news for single-parent families and people who have adopted a child without the help of one or both parents. Family support allowance (ASF), also called “minimum support”. 50% revaluation from 1er November 2022.

This is help monthly, paid by the Family Benefit Fund (Caf) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA), thus ranging from €122.93 to €184.39 per month per child. Be one It has increased to 61.46 euros.

To date, more than 800,000 people have benefited from ASF.

Mandatory snow tires in 48 departments

Switch to racks required for many drivers. In 48 departments equipping your car becomes mandatory in hilly big cities snow tiresor optionally in strings.

Light and utility vehicles, motorhomes, heavy trucks and wagons are affected by this equipment requirement.

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This commitment works from 1er November 2022 – March 31, 2023. In case of non-compliance, please note: the legal sanction is a category 4 fine, i.e. 135 euros.

The beginning of winter vacation

As every year, November marks the beginning of the year Winter break. In 2022, it extends from 1er November 2022 – March 31, 2023.

During this time the tenant cannot be evicted from his residence, without exception. “This settlement does not apply to the squatter occupying the residence. This does not apply to eviction of the spouses from the house ordered by the judge during violence or divorce proceedings,” the Ministry of Ecological Transition explains.

The landlord reserves the right to initiate eviction proceedings, but if the court orders it, it will only take place after the winter break.

The beginning of the month without tobacco

And if it was time to crush the last cigarette of your life? It is now the seventh year “No Tobacco Month” returns from November 1.

The month-long challenge promotes the Mois sans tabac government platform because “by stopping smoking for 30 days, you increase your chances of quitting in 5”. Once signed up, smokers will benefit from daily cessation support throughout the month.

The Tobacco Unit of the Dreux Hospital Center is especially mobilized throughout the month
For the 7th year in a row, No Tobacco Month returns during the month of November to help smokers. (©methaphum / AdobeStock)

As of October 27, 2022, 96,933 people have already registered on the platform. And since its inception in 2016, More than 900,000 people According to the figures of the State Service, he took part in the Smokeless Moon operation.

Reassessment of supplementary pensions

good news if you hit a additional pension. At the beginning of October, the Agirc-Arrco organization that manages these scholarships announced that the scholarships will increase. 5.12% revalued from 1er November 2022.

This decision was made one month after the +4% change in the general scheme in accordance with the law of August 16, 2022 on purchasing power.

total,13.2 million people 2021 to receive an additional pension for the benefit of 84 billion euros.

Later in the month

  • An exceptional inspection for oil-heated homes

Information refers to something 1.6 million families. A special check will be sent to certain oil households November 8, 2022. Its amount will be between 100-200 euros, depending on the state of the household.

What about payment? A check will be sent automatically households that have used an energy voucher to pay their fuel bill in the past.

Other eligible households will be able to make their claim at a dedicated online counter that will be opened from November 8. All you need to do to get help the next month is to submit your fuel bill.

Installation of oil and coal boilers in new houses will be prohibited from July 2022.
An exceptional check will be sent to certain oil households starting November 8, 2022. (©Le Réveil Normand)
  • Financial assistance from Engie

Engie customers who receive an energy audit will benefit from additional assistance.

The electricity supplier made the announcement in July without going into much detail. After that, everything is recorded and in November 880 thousand people will receive this money.

It is a check for 100 euros. You must be an energy voucher beneficiary and sign an energy contract with Engie on 27 July 2022 to be eligible.

“The payment will be made during November,” Engie confirmed to us on October 21.

  • Deadline for paying council tax

Mark these two dates in your diary: November 15 and 20. This applies to two dates housing tax.

November 15 is the payment deadline for those who do not use non-material payment methods (online payment on the Internet, smartphone or tablet, pay date or monthly direct debit). This deadline applies to primary residences.

November 20 corresponds to the payment deadline for French people who pay this tax online. Direct debit will be made to your bank account from November 25.

Even if it were abolished for 80% of households, the 20% of partially exempted French would still have to pay housing tax. for the last timeas promised by the government in 2019.

  • Reduced fuel discount

Although the situation regarding the fuel shortage has improved, it continues after several weeks of crisis discount per liter of gasoline or diesel remains a welcome boost for drivers.

This discount was applied on the 1ster Last April, it was 18 kopecks first It ends at 1er November 2022. However, the government decided to extend it until the end of the year due to rising fuel prices.

What is the situation at the service stations in Toulouse on Wednesday 26 October 2022?
The discount per liter of fuel has been extended until the end of 2022. (©AS / Lorraine Actu / Illustration)

However, be careful because its amount will vary: from 30 cents per 1 literer From September to November 15 concession then it will increase to 10 pennies Until December 31, 2022.

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